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Want to change title screen.

Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2019 11:30 pm
by GhostDog
Greetings, CC.
I am currently working on translating a custom campaign into English. Besides changing the text displayed in the game into English, I will not make any changes to the maps. This campaign is rather thoroughly developed. Each mission has its own title card (Screens that display the mission name and where the briefing is taking place (I.E.: the screen that displays "Norad II. Secret Staging Area on Antiga Prime" in the Norad II mission of the Terran campaign in standard SC). Now, I've already translated each individual map in that campaign into English. I did this by using PyMPQ to extract the map files from the game's MPQ files, edited the maps, and then put them back in.
Now, I went onto another SC mapmakers' forum and asked them how to edit the title cards of each mission. I've been told that they are controlled by text files in rez\ directory of the game's MPQ files. So the title screen for the first Protoss mission, for instance, would be controlled by the file rez\estp01.txt .
Okay, so I extracted those text files, deleted the original ones, modified the extracted files so that the text displayed would be in English, then put the extracted files into the .MPQ file.
I then ran the campaign to test to see whether or not it worked, and no such luck. Despite the fact that the file controlling the title screen has been changed and the old one deleted, the game still displays the un-translated text.

What is happening here, and how do I fix this issue?