Some problems with a moved hard disk.

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Some problems with a moved hard disk.

Post by adamnesico » Mon Oct 26, 2015 10:34 am

My laptop broken, I make the hard disk an out unit. Now, the Starcraf thas the color bug error, with the first laptop too had it, but passed going to the desktop and returning to the game´s window, now that don´t works. I don´t remeber how is my sistem, if Vista or 7.
And the profile is not recognized, I tried to make a new profile for move the profile and saved files the new Appdata directorys, but sayed me that didn´tdetected enough space for a new profile. There´s many space, so it´s an error. Its maybe because "a" is a too much short username?

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Re: Some problems with a moved hard disk.

Post by TheMadman » Mon Oct 26, 2015 7:48 pm

The color bug always happens only on 7/vista OS. eventually, its very annoying bug, but there is a way how to remove it:

Install other OS: if your PC support XP or even 8 windows (i dont recommend it installing on laptops, because they are only programmed on the os that they have, but installing can be done still)

Killing explorer: Problem of color is only explorer. you must make txt document and write: taskkill /f /IM explorer.exe
"c:\Program Files\StarCraft\StarCraft.exe" (or other folder if you have installed not in there)
start explorer.exe
Then save it, rename prefix as .bat
Now start it, you should now resolve of color problem.

DirectDraw Compability Tool: You must download it and start it.
Then click browse (or ...)
Select your starcraft.exe (NOT ICONS)
click second button after help
And start game.

Profiles must be in: Starcraft/characters/ if they need to appear.

if the starcraft cannot make a profile, while you have space in hard disk, then hard or/w starcraft is corrupted. Try to reinstall starcraft /w Brood war using CD/DRM/MPQ (mpq rename as install.exe and start them. you should install starcraft first, then brood war. do not ask me about CD-keys) if it doesnt work, then your drive must be corrupt/broken. With that, just install starcraft on other drive, it should solve the problem.
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starcraft was the best strategy among everything....

I always ask myself: why many people dont play this legendary games, why they want play new ones?
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