Unit Doesnt want to build unit

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Unit Doesnt want to build unit

Post by TheMadman » Fri Oct 02, 2015 11:07 am

I was working on campaign, and got a problem with a unit.

I wanted to add for ghost button for making an Arbiter unit, but nothin happens. It does pressed, but it doesnt shows progression bar and after limit
(building has limit of 6 units) has reached, its gone. Then, i've tried to add for ghost, a building status but endlessly resulting in crash.

How to make a unit that does make units (does not motivating triggers) without building status or/avoiding crash?
Ya know, sometimes i remember old times when Dune 2000 was rocking, when God of War II was the best game, when
starcraft was the best strategy among everything....

I always ask myself: why many people dont play this legendary games, why they want play new ones?
And the answer is: they don't love games bro, they don't love them....

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