modding, addon not working

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modding, addon not working

Post by kakalxlax » Sat May 17, 2014 8:19 am

hi, im trying to make a broodwar mod, in which Bunkers are an addon to Missile Turrets that allow only 1 unit inside.
so far i was able to make the bunker use the nuclear missile model, to be an addon, make the turret build it and make it take only 1 unit that can successfully fire from within.

the 2 problems i have are:
1- im still getting the bunker's shadow (lesser problem)
2- when i destroy the turret that has the addon, the game crashes (major problem).

when i started i wanted to make the bunker to lift off, but when i realized that wasn't happening i intended to make a mobile unit that can have marines shooting inside or at least make them able to shoot from the Dropship (this last one ending in crashes).

as a bonus inquiry (sorry about that) i would like to know if there is somewhere i can find explained step by step how to get the models from sc to edit them and how to add new ones (i've seen some guides about modding but the usually don't get in detail of how to do this)

is it possible to add/edit (beyond some values) the exeedits in firegraft?

(mainly using firegraft 0.93, icecc and datedit 1.5d)

so... sorry for the lots of questions and thanks in advance

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Re: modding, addon not working

Post by IskatuMesk » Tue May 20, 2014 11:25 pm

Bunker shadow - iscript related probably, check the imgul id's that are being generated. Been some years. Crashing is also likely to be iscript related. Overlays and stuff inherit header jumps from their parents, so make sure the death animation for everything is legal and doesn't point to nothing or whatever. Bunkers and stuff are pretty messy in the hardcode, so I couldn't guarantee everything working 100%.

Starcraft uses sprites, not models. You can decompile them using shadowflare's grp converter. I recommend using paint shop pro to edit them if you plan to do that, or anything you have experience in dealing with paletted images in, since that's a pretty big deal.
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