KANE: A Multiplayer Protoss Campaign

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KANE: A Multiplayer Protoss Campaign

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New download link:


"Kane" features:

Your choice of Singleplayer or Multiplayer UMS campaign style!  Play alone or with a friend!  The game will automatically rebalance the map based on how many players are present.  Missions 1-3 are 1-2 players.  Mission 4 is 1-4 players.

INTRODUCTION:  Both Kane: Impossible Choices and The Zakat Chronicles occur after Starcraft: Brood Wars, and do not take into account the events of Starcraft 2, since it was originally conceived before that game was announced.  Thus, small plot points (Kerrigan killing all the Cerebrates after the end of Brood Wars) will not be parallel between the two stories.


The Nova-IV Incident:
Three years after Kerrigan gained complete control of the Zerg Swarm, she began to cement her mastery of the Koprulu Sector with the creation of three new Cerebrates: Kirin, Kull, and Zakat.  

As her power grew, she became more expansive.  It was only a matter of time before the Terran and Protoss began to fight back.

The resistance began on the Icy Moon of Nova-IV.  In response the death of a colony on the planet, Kerrigan began to annihilate the entire Nova system.  She took pains to capture and infest any and all leadersrhip that contested her rule.

Fighting Back:
Realizing the expansionism of Kerrigan posed an imminent threat, the Protoss and Terran forces formed an uneasy alliance, with the two factions rallying around the cutthroat leadership of Thurloga, a Protoss Zealot.

Under Thurloga's leadership, the terrans and protoss managed to capture and convert Cerebrate Kirin, while their main forces assaulted Cerebrate Kull in a desperate and risky two-front assault.  The result proved to be a disaster.

The Last War Cry:
Following this failure, Thurloga, the protoss leader of the alliance, vanished leaving the Protoss Faction completely without leadership.

Into this void steps "Lord Finn" -- lower ranked than a executor in the Judicator caste, but due to the rapidly thinning ranks of the Judicators, he now stands as the highest ranking officer by default.  

In a last-ditch effort to save his race from extinction, he makes one last war cry to the remaining protoss leaders.

These are Jiinsh, a Dark Templar, and to Kane, a Zealot--both prominent leaders in the Protoss Forces.  

Together, they plan to rebuild their forces on Boccob-II, a planet where no major conflicts have been waged, largely due to unusual Crystal Formations on the surface of the planet.  When active, these Crystal Formations operate on a four minute cycle, during which time strange effects that change the psionic ability of the Protoss and the behavior of the zerg occur.  

Mission 1 begins with Kane being contacted by representatives from a Terran Outpost, begging him for help:
Control over end objectives!  Do you kill the terran outpost, or ally with them?

[imgwh 640x480]http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp69 ... otHook.jpg[/imgwh]
If Kane decides to ally with the Terran forces, in spite of Finn's orders, he will gain vision with them and get two medics, but will not receive additional reinforcements from Geihlar.  The Terran Base:

[imgwh 640x480]http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp69 ... Allied.jpg[/imgwh]

Kane is a powerful warrior, and he may try to attack the menacing Zerg Nydus Canal before reinforcements come for the Zerg:

[imgwh 640x480]http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp69 ... Forces.jpg[/imgwh]

However, doing so is risky behavior... and death for Kane spells defeat for the player:
[imgwh 640x480]http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp69 ... neDies.jpg[/imgwh]

Mission 2: The Cave of Crystals

In Mission 2, Jiinsh has detected the source of the emanations from the crystals on the surface of Boccob-II that consistently result in strange results on protoss psionics.  As a result, Jiinsh and Kane decide to explore the cavern that is the source of the emanations.  In addition to this, Jiinsh attempts to discover the source of Kane's melancholy.  

Gameplay for Mission 2: Mixture of Bound and UMS Installation.

Mission 3: Verinas Survival
In Mission 3, you take a break from the Protoss as Atai shows Kane a vision of events on Argeth.  He sees Verinas and Lee, two ghosts who have escaped the annihilation of the rest of the planet and are attempting to escape.  

This Stealth Themed mission will challenge you to avoid enemy units, overlords, and spore colonies as you make your way through the decimated remains of Argeth.  

[imgwh 640x480]http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp69 ... 190938.jpg[/imgwh]

Recoup your strength at a friendly terran base, before making your way to the final stretch.

[imgwh 640x480]http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp69 ... anBase.jpg[/imgwh]

(1-4 players)
On the fiery, unstable planet of Boccob-II, Kane awakens from his slumber distressed.  He emerges from his cave thinking of the humans he saw stranded and in need of help on Argeth.

However, he is soon interrupted by Sirch, an old templar friend, and Lord Finn, who inform him that he cannot go and find Verinas yet, because the Zerg are invading Boccob-II.

Four Nydus Canals have been set up throughout the planet.  Before Kane can escape Boccob-II, he must first destroy them and stop the onslaught of Zerg forces.  

Defending Boccob-II will require utilizing the full range of his allies' abilities.  Unfortunately, the psionic energy, fiery atmosphere, and unstable magnetic field make it impossible for normal Arbiters, Carriers, and Dark Templar to be summoned near the planet's surface.  

In response to this, Atai offers his services.  First, he makes it so that instead of summoning Carriers from Starports, creating carriers will restore allied shields.  Further, creating arbiters will restore energy.  Atai releases his will and allows Kane and all his allies access to his recalling ability.

Lord Finn and the House of Reaper have also set up a Type-X Dragoon Factory, which may prove vital in defending against enemy heroes and making the eventual assault against the enemy Nydus Canals.

Finally, Sirch has finished working on a new line of Gas Tank bombs, which will kill all zerg forces in a proximity to the bomb.  
Begin mining at however many Nexus you control:
[imgwh 640x480]http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp69 ... 130801.jpg[/imgwh]

The minimap will show spots partially revealed.  These are the locations of the Nydus Canals you need to destroy.  
[imgwh 640x480]http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp69 ... 130819.jpg[/imgwh]

Observers will reveal potential expansions.  When playing with 4 players (a full house) these may become important.  Air only-expansions have been designed so the CPU can't steal them from players.
[imgwh 640x480]http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp69 ... 130828.jpg[/imgwh]

In the bottom left corner, Player 1 can buy Tank Bombs (max 1 at a time), and detonate them.  These are very effective at killing enemy heroes with a minimum of cost and casualties.  Also in the bottom left Player 7 can buy Type-X Hero Dragoons, which will be vital in making the eventual assault against the enemy Nydus Canals.  If Player 7 is not in the game, this is given to Player 2.  If Player 2 and Player 7 are not in the game, Player 1 will get this as well.
[imgwh 640x480]http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp69 ... 130906.jpg[/imgwh]

The Will of ATAI, your arbiter hero, cannot move too far away from the caves.  Although he can die with no penalty, if you want the free recalls he offers you may want to defend him.
[imgwh 640x480]http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp69 ... 130925.jpg[/imgwh]

Each player starts with a Starport and Arbiter Bay.  Although Scouts and Corsairs can be built normally, Carriers and Arbiters are spells.  Buying Carriers will replenish the shields of all allied shields, both units and buildings.  Buying Arbiters will replenish all unit energy... the Carrier Spell in particular is so important it may be worth hotkeying your starport right from the bat.
[imgwh 640x480]http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp69 ... 130945.jpg[/imgwh]

Some Heroes will be vital right from the beginning.  Guardians will begin attacking almost immediately in most games.  Lord Finn, Player 7's Scout Hero, will be vital in keeping these nuisances at bay and in protecting his Type X Factory.  As you can see, he has 800/800 and does over 100 damage to air.  Just be careful not to lose him, as his death will spell defeat for player 7.  
[imgwh 640x480]http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp69 ... 131016.jpg[/imgwh]

-Changelog Mission 1:
-The first rush of enemy units is now much easier, and rushes will attack both Kane and Jiinsh at the same time.
-The mission briefing has been changed.
-"Geihlar" is now "Lord Finn"
-Further multiplayer debugging

Changelog Mission 2:
-The b.net edition is now the only one receiving further support.
-Mission Briefing adjusted slightly.
-Defeat triggers have been debugged.
-Added an option to make the Ultralisk level slightly easier.
-Note: Player 1 is always required now.

Changelog for Mission 3:
-Added more powerups
-Fixed other minor glitches.

Changelog for Mission 4 and Mission 4 Briefing:
None yet

Thread Changelog:
-Top post will now always include the most recent version of each map.
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Re: KANE: A Multiplayer Protoss Campaign

Post by GnaReffotsirk »


    You can open my maps and use those triggers that showed some text at the end of each mission. This way, your maps can contain them before the mission begins. Though, I'm not sure if that would work for multi-player type maps.

Those triggers can be skipped by pressing ESC, where each block of text can be skimmed over.

I've had some fun testing this mission (solo) and got owned just before my forces were able to break through the Zerg defenses.

Simple, but fun! :) Keep up the good work, man. And don't forget to include me during beta tests of future maps! ;)
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