Thank you Razorclaw_X

Created by RazorclawX, Wanderers of Sorceria tells an epic length story through multiple chapters and books for WarCraft III.

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Thank you Razorclaw_X

Post by Anaxie »

Thank you for creating the greatest piece of custom work in RTS gaming.

Thank you for keeping your series updated and creating new adventures since 2004 and before that with Starcraft

Thank you for creating one of the most memorable stories and characters in the many games I've played. i am still in disbelief you have not published these works in an official capacity.

Thank you for being the reason i discovered the Ys and Trails series that have been my favorite GAme series for the last 6 years.

You are the real OG Razor we love you.
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Re: Thank you Razorclaw_X

Post by RazorclawX »

You're welcome.
-- Razorclaw X
Creator of Wanderers of Sorceria and Vision of the Future
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