RazorClawX and WoS story

Created by RazorclawX, Wanderers of Sorceria tells an epic length story through multiple chapters and books for WarCraft III.

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RazorClawX and WoS story

Post by SomaCruz20 » Wed Jan 15, 2020 4:48 pm

WoS always triggers warm and nostalgic memories in my heart. It also forces me to remember good old memories about that time in my life. Sadly I didn't finished Book 6, but now new book with new models is out and maybe I will finish it sometime. I just can't start playing it again, I need special moment and atmosphere for this. Some of my dreams is that WoS grow larger and maybe has even better models or even be as separate game. I am gonna admit - the achievements system and system with upgrades blew my mind when I first met it in 2014.

Once I told part of my story in some thread and it was about how I did met this campaign. Maybe I'll tell this again. But what's more interesting for me is RazorClawX story of your gaming live. I don't know if you told it already, but it's really interesting how was your childhood, what was you first game consoles and first games. What games you liked while was growing, maybe some games gave you good and cool impressions. Judging by WoS soundtrack you really liked Japanese and anime games from Snes to PS2 era.

For example I see that Ys took big place in your game but what you think about old Ys? Were you playing it as child or young teenager? Old Ys never was popular outside japan but I guess you played it when was young? Myself never knew about Ys until 2010, but I really loved similar game - "Beyond Oasis The Story of Thor" on Sega in 1995. Right now Ys is one of my favorite game series.

So it's really interesting what games inspired you to create WoS, how they did inspired you, how you started making WoS and how you was supporting it all the time. As for me, I would like to see documentary film about this, but I guess this is not possible.

The WoS is great project, it lives around 17 years (or even more) and still get updates, this is really crazy, but this also shows how creator loves it and I can feel it.

While I writing this post my mood is that I want play anime games like WoS or game that have same atmosphere and same music as WoS uses- From Snes/Sega era to PS2/PS3

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Re: RazorClawX and WoS story

Post by RazorclawX » Fri Jan 17, 2020 3:17 am

Ys was one of those legendary games that came out back in the early 90s for the Turbo CD; it came out as a compilation Ys I & II and had talking people and animated pictures, and a high quality CD soundtrack. And the Turbo CD was expensive as heck, so the next best thing I had to settle with was Ys III: Wanderers from Ys for the SNES (it also came out for the Turbo CD and the Sega Genesis).

I first learned about it in Gamepro magazine, which was like one of those 'kewl' alternative video game magazines back then that didn't have any backing from the 'Big Three' at the time (NES/SNES, Sega Master System/Genesis, Turbografx 16). Ironically also where I first learned about Ranma 1/2 and it's crazy premise (there was a section in the magazine that talked about international releases, Ys was talked about in those sections, too, even though it came over itself), and a friend randomly showed me the Viz-dubbed anime a few years later (the anime didn't really age that well, it's so weirdly paced compared to just about everything else that came before and after it).
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