X1 and X2 - bugs and suggestions

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X1 and X2 - bugs and suggestions

Post by Rampage » Sun Nov 25, 2018 4:03 pm

I just finished the X1 and X2 extra stories and I'd like to share some thoughts and point out bugs that I've encountered.

In X1, during the Wrath of the Void boss fight, it is possible to make Vance get stuck in the canal that surrounds the battlefield, using the Berserker Slash ability. While in the canal, the hero is immune to Wrath's water electrification ability too. I know that you can easily get out of there using the said ability on the solid ground again, but I think that this should be dealt with, as someone might just unintentionally get stuck there and die, not being able to dodge Wrath's other attacks. I tried to do the same with Hokuto's Chaos wave ability, but I got an error, saying that I can't target there, so imho there's some inconsistency going on. Also, I think that it should be possible to target buildings with Berserker Slash ability, as it's very effective against them (or make it somehow not affect buildings if that was the intention). Sure, you can just target the area just behind given building for the same effect, but I think it would be more convenient if you could target the buildings directly.

In X2, during the conversations after the defeat of Pixy Amy, the dialogue screens appear for too short for one to be able to read them (and it's possible that some of them might be out of place or in wrong order). After choosing 3 or so options from the conversation menu, it gets bugged - the contents are displayed 2 or 3 times one under another. Then, after picking an option, the screen gets dark and nothing happens and only thing you can do is to hit f10 to get the game menu. Another problem I encountered was a memory read error making the game crash after trying to load a savegame of the first two missions. However, after starting the mission from the very beggining (eg. using the campaign menu) the error does not occur.

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Re: X1 and X2 - bugs and suggestions

Post by RazorclawX » Sun Nov 25, 2018 5:15 pm

Chaos Wave is based on Dark Portal and Berserker Slash is based on Carrion Swarm. When you put it that way, it makes more sense to change all of those type of abilities to a Dark Portal base, doesn't it? Dark Portal does check for pathing because it's trying to place a unit. I never thought about it that way before. I don't even remember why I used Carrion Swarm in particular, but I do know I was trying to avoid using Dark Portal for targetting spells.

Berserker Slash being unable to target buildings is a function of not changing the targets allowed on it from Carrion Swarm (which also can't hit buildings). Probably should fix that.
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