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Re: Wanderers of Sorceria Dedicated Update Thread

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2019 9:51 am
by RazorclawX
It's something I'm working on, but the details are still being ironed out. The most difficult part comes in just HOW to make it a game.

Admittedly the story was written in the same way as X2 and would flow extremely quickly that way, but I don't want to have it play out in that exact same way if I can help it because that way left very few playable missions.

I don't think Galsis is anywhere in the campaign.

Re: Wanderers of Sorceria Dedicated Update Thread

Posted: Wed Jul 31, 2019 5:43 am
by NovaLan
Well, I dunno if you have ever played The Last Guardian, a campaign created by OutsiderXE. I think the puzzles designed game like that is worth trying.

Nevertheless that might require a lot of work and against normal Warcraft game style so I don't know if that fits your campaign.

Re: Wanderers of Sorceria Dedicated Update Thread

Posted: Wed Sep 18, 2019 6:26 pm
by RazorclawX
Things that have happened since last time:

At first I was approaching this story as if the player character was Shizuka. Then I realized that I should be approaching this as if the player character was Mizuki.

Any sort of side story with Miranda is almost certainly shelved. The idea was her kind of 'growing out' of it prompted by being kicked out of her own band/group (that she didn't want to make in the first place, but was pressured into making because of declining popularity because she's old news/too old to be a teen idol).
Some observant people noticed that there were four unique girls hanging around Miranda, and those girls would've banded together to oust Miranda from their group by 'leaking' some sort of controversy (in my mind it was Miranda losing her temper in X2, but only showing her, with no audio or context as to what was going on, so anyone could spin this however they wanted, like it was a sex tape. Remember how Ziel warned her against keeping recordings; this would've been something from a recording taped outside her window by an overzealous fan that she didn't know about). So to 'save face' Miranda would have to make a public apology (which involved her shaving her head live on camera), but refused because her ego wouldn't let her (Miranda and her fellow idols both knew she would never shave her head so that's how they got her).

Honestly this sounds like a chick flick so I lost interest.

Re: Wanderers of Sorceria Dedicated Update Thread

Posted: Mon Sep 23, 2019 2:50 am
by RazorclawX
News for 9/23/19

Wanderers of Sorceria 4th Edition updated with the following changes:

* Book 4, Chapter 6: Fixed Zava's name.
* Book 5, General: Assassin weapon upgrades should be Steel Arrows instead of Black Gunpowder.
* Book 5, Chapter 7: Eagle Riders use Black Gunpowder upgrade in this map for range upgrades since Steel Arrows doesn't exist on this level.

Re: Wanderers of Sorceria Dedicated Update Thread

Posted: Mon Sep 30, 2019 2:55 am
by RazorclawX
I know I said I was going to slow down updating the existing stuff, but sometimes you gotta fix what you've gotta fix.
I was playing HotS on Dragon Shire when I noticed some NPCs in the background area and one of them caught my attention. I extracted this doodad from the CASC for HotS and put some animations to it (the doodad was already rigged with a nearly complete skeleton) and this is the result. Most notably I had to fix the face because the default one looked horrible.

I was never truly happy with the Jenna/Arcadia/Sarah model (they all use the same one for time-saving purposes) so the next update they're going to look quite a bit different. The animations are modified from Li Ming from Heroes of the Storm.

Re: Wanderers of Sorceria Dedicated Update Thread

Posted: Tue Oct 15, 2019 2:43 pm
by RazorclawX
Skimming through some pictures of the leaked Reforged models. The Nerubians in particular are interesting in that the warriors have 2 arms and 6 legs while the casters have 4 arms 4 legs like in WoW.

I don't regret going my own way with model updates because I just can't rely on those new models having all the required animations I needed to use (because the new MDX format isn't documented yet).

Re: Wanderers of Sorceria Dedicated Update Thread

Posted: Fri Nov 08, 2019 2:02 pm
by SilverGauntlet
I realized that the reason for constant character change in chapter 7 part 1 of Book 2 goes kind of unexplained. I mean, there is no reason for the choice of the temporary hero, which is initially Kosseimaru, and then it switch to someone else after Senryu's release.
ED1: For clarification, my question is why do you receive a certain hero after you saved a soul?
What happen to the released Chosen when a hero that have an orb with a captured Arcadia's Chosen dies? Is he going to run away into a corner or disappear entirely?
ED2: Why are there visual effect for heroes having the banners equipped?

Re: Wanderers of Sorceria Dedicated Update Thread

Posted: Fri Nov 08, 2019 5:06 pm
by RazorclawX
1. Because I'm bad at coding and that's what made it work at the time, and had the side benefit of not just having all the Heroes at once so you couldn't just mow down the entire map with them. As for where the captured Hero goes if you die I THINK they used to stay where they were, but the game changed so much since then that any sort of behavior could be expected.

Honestly the whole capturing hero thing is a bunch of weird voodoo that I don't completely understand to this day. I'm sure I could've made it so one Hero could capture all five of them (in fact the entire reason why you couldn't just kill Higure right off the bat was because I was afraid of what would happen if someone captured HIM, but it turns out that him being Spell Immune already solved that problem), but that might have done something really weird.

2. That's just what the banners do, although I don't think there's any real reason they should be using banners in particular. I think it should be possible to remove the banners entirely.


I've been looking over the Reforged Beta and taking some notes of some things I am probably going to change for my sanity:

- Probably the 'biggest' is changing the 'Black Sphinx' name back to the default 'Destroyer' because that name is completely neutral as to what kind of head the thing has. I've NEVER liked the TFT retail model for that thing which is why I kept using the TFT beta version of it, but the Reforged version changed its head into a jackal. Basically make the name 'neutral' so it doesn't matter what kind of animal head it has. Fortunately this is really easy to change (this is generally changing its name back to default).

- the unit animations between TFT and Reforged are not always the same (the dreadlord for instance has almost universally completely different animations). Not sure if anything can be done about that.

- I don't think it's currently possible or feasible to back-port the models at this time, so no HD Crypt Fiends in TFT (for now).

- I'm still bothered I can never find a suitable Giant Moth model. The one from Burning Crusade has some undetermined issues that prevent it from getting ported, and that would've otherwise been fine.

Re: Wanderers of Sorceria Dedicated Update Thread

Posted: Mon Nov 18, 2019 7:07 pm
by RazorclawX
Solved my Giant Moth problem.

Working on updating Johan; he's similarly going to be based off a HotS 'doodad' villager so his overall proportions are going to be roughly back to what they were originally (although sporting a beer belly) which means huge body and tiny head. I was toying with the idea of giving him some animations off the D3 Monk Hero, but he's too much of a finesse fighter and Johan is supposed to fight rough and dirty. Like... you know, having a 100 Punch move seems wrong when its more right to do it with one even bigger punch.

Re: Wanderers of Sorceria Dedicated Update Thread

Posted: Mon Nov 25, 2019 1:07 am
by RazorclawX
News for 11/25/19

Wanderers of Sorceria 4th Edition updated with the following changes:

* New Models: Johan (Normal, Dogi, Bouncer), Queen Arcadia, Sarah, Jenna, Shizu (Sailorfuku), Director Xine, Dalles (True Form), Queen Corona (fixed portrait glow), Giant Moth (Book 5 miniboss), Yue Zhong.
* Fixed Models: Yue Jin (ribbon orientation, eyebrows), Zhang Liao (ribbon orientation)
* Updated Splash Art: Jenna (Book 5).
* General: The name 'Black Sphinx' reverted back to 'Destroyer'.
* Books 1 and 2: Fixed Nekurow (Lich King) missing Hero Glow. Banners no longer display graphics when carried.
* Book 5 Intermission Return of the Wanderers: Johan should now always be standing with arms crossed during the end cutscene instead of relying on random chance.
* X1: Replaced all the Samurai Warriors 4 themes because some of them have 'special' copyrights because they were used in the anime. The same isn't quite true for the rest of the series.

Re: Wanderers of Sorceria Dedicated Update Thread

Posted: Mon Dec 09, 2019 9:19 pm
by nhs325
Hello I was just wondering, what happened to Hikaru (Dragon Slayer), Shizuka (Deathclaw), and Kurumi (Warlock) classes? they seemed to be missing in Book 6. And yes this happens on the newest 4th edition.

Re: Wanderers of Sorceria Dedicated Update Thread

Posted: Mon Dec 09, 2019 10:26 pm
by RazorclawX
I think they were simply moved to a different position on the map.

Re: Wanderers of Sorceria Dedicated Update Thread

Posted: Tue Dec 10, 2019 6:00 pm
by nhs325
Uh no, there aren't any really. No Shizuka Deathclaw. My current WC3 version is 1.31

Re: Wanderers of Sorceria Dedicated Update Thread

Posted: Tue Dec 10, 2019 6:14 pm
by nhs325
Alright so I found Warlock Kurumi. But I think I found the problem for Shizuka and Hikaru. The reason why Hikaru's Dragon Slayer class did not showed up is because his model is bugged. It's there but I can't select it. I guess Deathclaw has the same bug too.

Re: Wanderers of Sorceria Dedicated Update Thread

Posted: Fri Dec 20, 2019 4:40 pm
by RazorclawX
Repost because of Administrator:

I don't know why it took me so long to think about this, but Ekim is getting an actual air elemental model now instead of a recolored Firelord.

It might have a lot to do with the fact it's the only real Air elemental in the campaign.


War3 Reforged currently has a particular way it converts models so I'm changing things around in Book 4 to accommodate that. Most things will actually straight-up convert correctly and some only required a bare minimum reversion, but a small handful required quite a bit of work to get right. Some WIP examples:

Easy conversion:
- Death Acolyte. Instead of a model change, I used a skin change. The regular Acolyte wasn't used otherwise anyway.

- Obsidian Statue/Destroyer and Chaos Chariots have their models switched around. This lets the Obsidian Statue use the Reforged model and the Chaos Chariot stays a low-res model along with the rest of the Chaos Legion units (so it doesn't stand out among them).

- Custom Abomination Hero removed. It was a just a basic model edit, and I'd since had better ways to make a regular unit a Hero.

- Necropolis reverted back to retail version. I'd seen a lot of issues with the beta Necropolis over time (the pool doesn't really play nice with terrain) and this just gives me an excuse to change it back.

- Jin Dragonhawk Rider goes back to using the old skin change method for the same reason as Death Acolyte. The campaigns still supported this change originally so it wasn't a big deal to change back.

Difficult conversion:
- Book 3 versions of Jin Priest and Jin Wizard. They were never built onto the Chaplain/Hydromancer duo from TFT since they didn't exist at the time so I finally had to backport the two units onto those slots and changed every map in Book 3 accordingly. This had a side benefit of freeing up the Priest and Sorceress slots to their actual units, which were also used in the same campaign, so they could exist at the same time.

- Soul Reapers now have a direct HD variant (basic unit version is based on the Reforged Lightning Revenant, the Hero unit based on the Reforged Death Revenant).

- Dwarf Car, Orc Car, and Diablo Car use custom HD variants with different animation tags to be as useable as their SD versions.

Very unlikely to change:
- Chaos Legion units and buildings are all still SD since they're all custom models.

- Satyr buildings in general are still SD since most of them are custom models.

- Certain Nerubian buildings are still SD.

- Certain Naga/Mekani Alliance buildings are still SD.