Wanderers of Sorceria Dedicated Update Thread

Created by RazorclawX, Wanderers of Sorceria tells an epic length story through multiple chapters and books for WarCraft III.

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Re: Wanderers of Sorceria Dedicated Update Thread

Post by RazorclawX » Sun Jun 14, 2020 3:30 am

News for 6/14/2020

Wanderers of Sorceria 4th Edition updated with the following changes:

* New Models: Shadow Ballista, High Elf Ballista, Jin Catapult, Marrow Knight.
* Fixed Models: Kurumi (Schoolgirl) wears white underwear.
* Models Changed For Reforged: Second pass at model scaling fixes.
* Reforged Models: Shared birth models for custom Undead, Night Elves, and Naga buildings. High Elf Ballista, Jin Dragoon.

* General: Fixed tooltip for Summon Broodlings. Fixed tooltip for Rain of Arrows. Troll Shamen and Warlocks require Shaman Adept Training to learn their spells. Flame Wave description is more neutral.
* Book 1, Chapter 1: Main cutscenes are no longer able to be sequence broken so you can no longer skip picking up Heroes.
* Book 1, Chapter 2: Spiderlings are no longer able to construct a Necropolis on this map.
* Book 1, Chapter 3: The possible loot drop of a Shadow Orb replaced with an Orb of Darkness for consistency's sake.
* Book 1, Chapter 4: Staff of Teleportation is no longer sold on the Goblin Merchant. Bandit Lord drops a Spiked Collar instead of a Crystal Ball.
* Book 1, Chapter 7: Fixed Glowing Magic Tiles so they require additional steps to trigger: the Tile in the Battleship area requires hitting the Lever for the bridge next to it; the Switch puzzle requires hitting all the switches in addition to the Tile; the Spiral Trap room also requires destroying all three generators. The teleport trap remains unchanged.
* Book 2, General: Nerubian Royal Ziggurats no longer have Dark Mutation (they are on the Soul Spire). Changed the Hotkey for Blade Barrier. Added missing hotkey for Nerubian Guardian. Added missing tooltip to Pig Farm.
* Book 2, Chapter 2: Scaldar no longer refers to the removed Crypt building.
* Book 2, Chapter 3: Replaced several of the Circles of Power with an unselectable ground effect.
* Book 2, Chapter 5: Witch Doctor Adept Training is no longer available since there are no Witch Doctors.
* Book 2, Chapter 6: The quest objectives to defeat the final boss should be consistent between watching the cutscene and skipping it. Corpse generation by the Tower Defenders no longer allows stuctures, flyers, or mechanical units to generate a corpse. Crystal Ball and Staff of Teleportation are disabled on this map.
* Book 2, Chapter 7: Tiny Great Hall is no longer available on the Goods Exchange. Disabled Burrow Charge for Scaldar during cutscenes.
* Book 2, Fight Dragon: The dragons can only be fought in sequence. Crystal Ball and Staff of Teleportation are disabled on this map. Crystal Ball and Staff of Teleportation added to the Goblin Merchant.
* Book 3, General: Kurumi's class names should be consistent with the rest of the series. Added more checks to ensure Ziel appears in Human form in cutscenes.
* Book 3, Introduction: Fixed an issue where the map would not load in War3 version 1.26 (the map size was too large for this patch).
* Book 3, Chapter 1: Scaldar starts with maximum mana even after the Murloc cutscene.
* Book 3, Chapter 2: Crossbow units are named more appropriately and use the correct model.
* Book 3, Chapter 3: Sazabi starts with maximum HP and Mana.
* Book 3, Chapter 6: Infernus Scorpions and Infernus Elite Guards are now properly tagged as Summoned units.
* Book 3, Chapter 7: Call to Arms is disabled since the Peasants can't arm themselves.
* Book 3, Epilogue: Summoned units, including those raised from corpses, should resume laning if there are no targets nearby.
* Book 4, Chapter 1, 2, 3: Undead, Murloc, and Naga tech trees are no longer available by Charming workers.
* Book 4, Chapter 7: Coral Beds are properly removed if the Vektra Knights aren't recruited. Fixed Zava's name in the Quest Description. Eclipse Cannon's Eclipse Blast mana cost and cooldown reduced to a more appropriate level for the amount of time you have to wait for it.
* Book 5, General: Missions where you choose your army will now create a duplicate Hero for the computer's use to use as they see fit on the level instead of using your own Hero directly. This may also have other consequences (such as the other Heroes not gaining levels-- but note that Six automatically is leveled up if you haven't used him until forced to in Chapter 8), but the main goal is to prevent the AI from disposing of your Heroes' inventories.
* Book 5, Chapter 8: Holy Shock is correctly disabled as it should be with the rest of Hikaru's class abilities in Part 3. The countdown timer pauses upon any Defeat condition in Part 4.
* Book 5, Dragon Slayer Arena: The bosses can only be fought in sequence. Crystal Ball and Staff of Teleportation are disabled on this map. Crystal Ball and Staff of Teleportation added to the Goblin Merchant.
* X2: Reforged concrete walls graphics changed to be more comprehensible (probably not final).

Currently nearly all Satyr building models and some units are still in SD due to issues in consistently making all the buildings HD.
-- Razorclaw X
Creator of Wanderers of Sorceria and Vision of the Future

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