Staff roster


Lavarinth Administration Head

Present Freelancers:

BahamutZERO Starcraft Mac Development: MPQKit, MPQDraft Mac Edition
Gemini Life of a Marine, Bootcamp (Starcraft)
Hercanic StarCraft Team Fortress Total Conversion (Starcraft)
IskatuMesk IskatuMesk's Realm and Multiple Conversions
Joel Steudler Media Arts for Legacy of the Confederation Series and Others
Mantis (AKA: Whiplash) Ascension of Duran
Meta Aeon of the Strife, Flame Knives
Oracle Legacy of the Confederation I, II, III, Fallen Angel
Quantam Starcraft Development, Mo'PaQ2000 (Starcraft)
Razorclaw X Vision of the Futur (Starcraft), Wanderers of Sorceria, Keys of Sealing (Warcraft 3)
Ricky_Honejasi Firebat Friday and Satyr Saturday Weekly Events
WarBringer Advisor

Past Freelancers:

Cerberus Genocide (Starcraft)
Codebreaker Armageddons Call (Starcraft)
Derek Star Trek: Dominion War TC (Starcraft)
Jstek Star Trek: Dominion War TC (Starcraft)
OnceADuvil Star Trek: Dominion War TC (Starcraft)
Sharandar Reclamation of Aiur (Starcraft)
Xavier Gallantry Co-Creator (Starcraft)

Hall of Heroes:

Desler Founder, The Fenix, E.D.A.S.T., Fall from Grace, Celestial Irruption, The Gallantry (Starcraft)
DI CGI, General Assistance, New Avalon II, The Millennial Project (Starcraft), The Emissary (Age of Kings) [Note: aka Magnus, MAGNUS99]
Dragoon Community News, Starcraft Community, War of the Tribes (Starcraft)
Varanus Resurgence, Palinchron Concordance (Starcraft)