Warcraft III 1.29 Patch and Wanderers of Sorceria Updates

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Re: Warcraft III 1.29 Patch and Wanderers of Sorceria Updates

Post by RazorclawX » Tue Feb 04, 2020 3:23 am

News for 02/04/2020

Wanderers of Sorceria 4th Edition updated with some features meant for Reforged, but which are currently untested because Reforged currently does not support Custom Campaigns.

* New Models: Cold Wraith (new version), Director Xine Crystal (Book 6 doodad), Chaos Launcher (Purple HD Voidwalker), Prince David (Demon Hunter), Darm (Human Form), Jarek the Lotus, Dwarf Axeman, Ekim, Blood Elf Officer (mostly Keeper Kell and misc Book 5 Heroes), Chaos Citadel/Spire, Chaos Gate, Chaos Column, Chaos Vortex, Satyr Shadow Hall, Jin Arcane Vault (redone).
* Fixed Models: Metallus (rogue Omnilight in Stand animation), Mizuki (orphaned bones in unused animations), Nether Dragon (removed death particles from spin, added missing spin ribbons, fixed death animation), Nargul (wings Normals).
* Models Changed For Reforged: First pass at setting explicit scaling for Heroes. Abomination Heroes (in general) now use the default Cinematic model. Mammonoth is now purple instead of red. Arma Defender is now based on Gigantic Sea Turtle instead of Sea Turtle Hatchling. Drokmarim Brawler is now based on Elder Sasquatch. Murlocs should more readily accept HD transition (with a few exceptions; see below). Removed custom Shade (not important). Switched models for Obsidian Statue/Destroyer and Chaos Chariot. Changed Summoned Apparitions to be based off Ghost creeps instead of Sylvanas (Banshee). Changed Medusa to be based off Lady Vashj. Reduced model size of Elven Swordman. Reduced model size of Mech Rider. Jin Farms appear the same as regular Human Farms (so they won't turn into Elven buildings). SkyFury and EarthFury Towers reverted to default.
* Reforged Models: Soul Reaper (Hero and Unit), Cannon Hermit, Jin Advisor (Hero), Jin War Scholar, Jin Dragoon, Jin Knight, Jin Dragonhawk Rider, Dragonhawk (riderless), Giant Bat (riderless), Papa/Rand (Big Mortar Dwarf), Dwarf Car (Surtur Tank), Orc Car (Book 5 Battlewagon), Diablo Car (Book 6 Fel Cannon), Elf Swordsman, Gnoll Blade Storm, Jin Guard Tower, Jin Arcane Vault, Chaos Guard Tower.


* General: Custom Terrain textures added for Reforged HD mode. Mirror Slice (both versions) and several Soul Powers code fixed to Pjass standards. Chaos Wing uses the HD Nether Dragon model as intended. Thunder Phoenix creeps replaced with Dragonhawks with the same stats.
* Book 1, 2, General: General Firestar is now a mounted Bandit Wizard instead of an unmounted caster. Mech Riders no longer have the Mana Regeneration ability.
* Book 1, Chapter 2: Eredar Diabolists replaced with Vile Tormentors. Named Infernal uses the proper model. Named Doom Guard scaled down to default.
* Book 1, Chapter 7: Keeper Kell can no longer be raised from the dead.
* Book 2, Chapter 7: Nerubian Webspinner creeps replaced with Spitting Spiders. I don't know how this happened in the first place, but that was not intentional. Infernal creeps use the proper model. Siege Golems reverted to Siege Tanks.
* Book 3, Chapter 6: Replaced Infernus Sorcerer model for future proofing with Reforged (Firelord to Red HD Voidwalker).
* Book 3, Chapter 7: Reverted model for Hawk Trooper to The Captain.
* Book 3, Epilogue: Changed the unit composition of the Jin/Nerubian mixed army and the Fountain of Magic units. The Rebel Army is now entirely made up of Chaos Legion units.
* Book 5, General: Jin Gyrocopters are now Sky Lanterns with the same stats. Lizardman troop buildings graphics reverted to default.
* Book 5, Chapter 8, Part 1: Night Gaunt armor corruption now works again.
* Book 5, Dragon Slayer Arena: Fixed Ebon using the Nether Dragon model instead of her own.
* Book 6, General: Dian Wei's Rolling Slash replaced with Cyclone Slash-- Rolling Slash's graphic is completely unreliable in Reforged. Some KoS Heroes' graphics altered.
* Book 6, South District: Pit Lord creeps replaced with Wrathguard creeps and should no longer appear on the map.
* X1, General: Fixed old abilities to Pjass standards. Removed some old models.
* X2, General: Fixed old abilities to Pjass standards. Removed some old models.
-- Razorclaw X
Creator of Wanderers of Sorceria and Vision of the Future

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