WarCraft III Assets to Release to StarCraft II

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WarCraft III Assets to Release to StarCraft II

Postby Lavarinth » Tue Nov 11, 2014 5:31 pm

A recent interview between Kotaku and Blizzard involving the potential of a sequel to WarCraft III left the interviewer high and dry on the possibility of it occuring anytime soon. The developer, however, did state for those wishing to experience their memories once more on a newer engine, the assets to WarCraft III and The Frozen Throne will be implemented in a future patch to StarCraft II. Before the release of Legacy of the Void, a major patch will supply the StarCraft II Editor with additional data featuring WarCraft III models, spells systems, and more if all goes as planned. At the least, modders and mappers alike will receive access to the models alongside their animations, allowing them to be used in maps at no additional increase to the filesize of maps.

"'Warcraft IV comes up, especially as the community gets excited about the Warcraft universe," he explained. "We're focused on getting Legacy of the Void done right now, so I don't think we've had the mindshare to say, 'Absolutely, we're gonna be doing X, Y, or Z next.' Going back to the Warcraft universe would be awesome. I'd love to see that happen.'

"He added that the development team is about to add a bunch of official Warcraft assets to StarCraft II's mod tools so players can create their own Warcraft scenarios in-engine. They're based on Warcraft III—not a hypothetical Warcraft IV, sadly—and they're coming out early next year."

Source: Kotaku
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