Wanderers of Sorceria Dedicated Update Thread

Created by RazorclawX, Wanderers of Sorceria tells an epic length story through multiple chapters and books for WarCraft III.

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Re: Wanderers of Sorceria Dedicated Update Thread

Post by RazorclawX » Fri Dec 20, 2019 9:35 pm

So today I revived an old project of mine and that was the (really) high definition model transplant.

In SD and older War3 versions after a certain threshold models simply didn't work with the game engine, but with Reforged I revived my old work, which worked in 3rd party editors already, and successfully ported it into the Reforged Beta. This means said project can be used as a Reforged variant model.

The model in question? Shizuka in a Santa Girl outfit, just in time for the holidays (the outfit in question is based on the CAW outfit in Samurai Warriors Chronicles, which was originally used on Wang Yuanji in Warriors Orochi 3, so this is a bit of a personal obsession of mine. Yes, I have used that on my Shizuka CAW character). Of course Kurumi is getting the same treatment, and both are currently going to appear in Book 6 with the Reforged update.
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