Sorceria Personalities: Shizuka

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Sorceria Personalities: Shizuka

Post by RazorclawX » Thu Nov 16, 2006 6:56 pm

Name: Shizuka
Title: The Silencer
Aliases: Selene ('ancestor' personality), Sorana (split personality), Deathclaw (possessing soul)
Affiliation: The Madoshi (Dark Sorcerians)
Possible Alignment: Lawful Evil
Theme: Shizuka

Class: Demon Hunter
- Chilling Orb
- Dragon Soul
- Trueshot Aura

Class: Viper Sword
- Viper Fang
- Viper Blade
- Aikido Skills

Class: Priestess of Water
- Cone of Frost
- Serene Water
- Aikido Spells

Ultimate: Madoshi Strike


*bio coming soon*
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