StarCraft II Q&A - Batch 42 and Updates

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StarCraft II Q&A - Batch 42 and Updates

Postby Lavarinth » Sat Jul 26, 2008 10:21 am

Blizzard recently made a huge release on information that's secretly a great reveal for us modders. With new screenshots of what appears to be campaign-related maps depicting civilian units and structures, it takes us a bit closer into informing us what it is we can do within the editor.

You can view these screenshots and more on our forum thread here.

In addition to these screen shots Blizzard also released their FAQ Batch 42 which answers some modder's concerns about the limits of StarCraft 2, as well as the typical gameplay requests, with the following questions:

1. What was the main reasoning to shifting the Hydralisk backwards one technology level? How does this affect the Zerg early-game, especially since the Zerg will have absolutely no anti-air units before the Hydralisks?
2. What kinds of cheats will be included in Starcraft 2, and how will they be accessed/unlocked?
3. Concerning resources there is one big issue for mapmakers: There are only two of them. For many UMS-maps you need more different resource-types than gas and minerals, thus mapmakers were forced to use even civilians as a sort of resource. So will mapmakers be able to place their one, gather-able resources on the map such as lumber or gold?
4. With the Battlecruiser's new ability dealing splash damage to lightly armored air units, you could fear that the Thor has once more fallen into a role void. Is this the case or are the Battlecruiser ability and the Thor's anti-air capabilities tactically different enough?
5. Does the Battlecruisers new AoE affect friendly units in the area?
6. Will it be possible to use the full 3D cinematics mechanic from the single player campaign in the map editor?
7. Most users know that even invisible units can be seen by experienced players since they cause this nice little blur effect while in Warcraft 3 invisible units are indeed invisible aside from leaving footprints on the ground. So what about transferring the 'real' invisibility into the World of Starcraft by allowing mapmakers to choose from those two different invisible modes for each unit?

You can read the answer to these questions and discuss them over at this post in our StarCraft II thread, or you can view it at the original thread here.

And finally, Blizzard also released information on the infamous planet Mar Sara:

"The Sara system was initially catalogued by freelance prospectors and colonized by an expedition from Tarsonis several years later. Mar Sara formed the eighth of the thirteen core colonies of the Terran Confederacy. The Sara system was unusual for having two habitable planets, but Mar Sara was always a backwater colony compared to the more prosperous Chau Sara.

"Mar Sara was one of the first planets to be infested by the zerg when they appeared in terran space. It was also the first planet on which the Confederates fought the advancing Swarm to any significant extent, although most of the actual fighting was done by local militia forces."

Read more about Mar Sara here. Blizzard has also added two new pieces of artwork along with the six new screenshots.

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