LotC Script Completed / VA's being notified

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LotC Script Completed / VA's being notified

Postby The Oracle » Wed Jun 11, 2008 9:09 pm

The script for the campaign Legacy of the Confederation for StarCraft 2 is complete and I've sent out notifications to all voice actors who applied back in late December that the character lines are coming soon.

At 600+ pages and 11 hours of dialogue, there's plenty of characters still needing voices.  If you have voice acting experience (or just a really cool sounding voice), and a decent microphone/soundcard setup on your PC, I encourage you to apply to the crew.

Please send a short vocal sample to mspawn]at[excite.com with a brief description of your voice acting experience (what mods your voice has appeared in previously and the character you portrayed) and let me know the type of character you're interested in voicing.

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