Zons 3.1

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Zons 3.1

Postby IskatuMesk » Tue Jun 10, 2008 1:43 am

The final chapter in RequiemD has now been released - ZONS 3.1 featuring TGA Terran and Protoss.

ZONS 3.1 is considerably stronger than 2.0 pending a major script revision and a re-imagination of how the Zerg should function. Now their mid and late game is far stronger and they are much less likely to softlock. This is the completion of the project and a final farewell to Starcraft.


www.doack.campaigncreations.org/RequiemC3.1.rar <-- version with Ashara's Protoss AI.

www.doack.campaigncreations.org/RequiemC3.1TGA.rar <-- version with my Carrier AI.

Functions across all versions of Brood War.

edit - okay, I ran into some major issues when I started dealing with some new software and some other mixups but here we should finally have a working release. If you downloaded the file previous to this edit, you'll need to download again.

edit - Okay, I'm uploading two versions this time. These should be the last ones. The first version contains Ashara's $P protoss, currently the best PvZ script that I've seen yet (with a very strong PvT script as well). The second version contains my TGA Carrier-massing protoss, ProtossXtreme.
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