StarCraft II Q&A Batch 38

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StarCraft II Q&A Batch 38

Postby Lavarinth » Thu May 15, 2008 12:13 pm

Blizzard is outdoing itself in Q&A's and has just released another one recently. The topics covered are the following:

1. If the Roach is hit by any spell like "plague" or "psi storm," something that reduces hit points per second, will this be negated by its HP regeneration, or result in fewer hit points gained per second for the duration of the spell?
2. Will Starcraft 2's heroes showcase new models for each hero, or will SCII follow in SC:BW's footsteps, leaving heros as normal units with improved stats?
3. Will the ranking/experience system that Terran units used to have be available in the Map Editor as on option in Starcraft 2?
4. Will it be possible to change (cancel, tie up, etc.) alliance during multiplayer game?
5. Will StarCraft 2 feature new map tile sets and will any from StarCraft be removed?
6. What creature did the Zergling gain the inspiration to evolve into a Baneling from?
7. Can you provide more details on the Reaper's mine ability? How much damage does it do? Is it effective vs. both units and buildings? Is it detectable without stealth detection? What's the cooldown on it?
8. Are the Zerg Sunken and Spore Colonies capable of moving out of the bounds of creep?
9. Will the Map Editor support letters from non-English alphabets?

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