Armageddon Onslaught - RELEASED!

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Armageddon Onslaught - RELEASED!

Postby IskatuMesk » Fri Mar 07, 2008 3:02 pm

The drums have deepened into a droning thunder, their cries echoing through the mountains. Ten thousand years of decay showers off the walls and ceiling, dulling your vision and filling your lungs with ash. In the moment you try to shield your eyes from the dust, a light emanates from the beyond. It surges forward, splintering into a thousand screaming figures. It is then you know what you have awoken. It is then, in your final moments, you feel regret.

The gates of hell have been opened.

Armageddon Onslaught - Public Alpha 0.1 version AAsub5.

Requires Brood War 1.10

In this AI modification, you play as either the Protoss or the Terrans and represent the forces of light as you fight a single Zerg computer opponent 7v1; against the Forces of Armageddon. The coming battle will be so bloody, so horrible, that only the mightiest of champions may survive.

You will face 6 tiers of the most wicked, diabolical, and cunning demons ever created.

* This is an ALPHA. This is about 60% complete. I am well aware of missing sounds, unfinished attacks, some buggy animations, ect. ect. Don't bother posting about bugs or incomplete stuff because I already know about it.
* Many of the AO units WILL crash or function oddly for a player. Do not use mind control or play any UMS maps of any kind that involve preplaced units or putting special units under the player's control. Won't stop Shadowflare though :(
* Certain melee maps which contain neutral structures have a high probability of crashing the game. This includes maps like paranoid android and other odd korean tournament maps (which are suicide to play on anyway).
* There is a probability the mod will not work for you even though you are on the correct version of 1.10. Both DoA and myself have NO IDEA why this happens. We have investigated this matter and cannot solve it. I cannot release a non-expander version of the mod because it is at a point where it cannot function without it.
* There is a good probability certain units like the Lord of Terror and Madness Titan will bring down framerates on lower-end machines. I am running on an X2 6000 and the drop is virtually unnoticeable but old pentium 2's may bite the dust.
* This AI is not balanced correctly yet. The Protoss and Terran AI's are also unfinished but work adequetly.
* This mod has a custom soundtrack! Turn on music!
* Do not select Zerg as your race if you wish to be able to do anything!
* Play on very big maps with large chokes instead of ramps. I'll provide my test map in its 10% complete stages, Big Game Rofflecakes, for ease of use. Many of AO's larger units cannot fit down a ramp. (Incidentally it may just drop them on you).
* This AI should function correctly in an island map.
* Concerns about unit balancing? Let me know. Keep in mind the units are intentionally very powerful as they need to contend with 7 players who can play at semi-professional quality. I will not be surprised if no one here can pull off a victory without exploiting something.
* Got unit suggestions? Feel free to post them. My final unit list is not actually final.
* The difficulty this current build is registered at is "Normal". In the final build, there will be a grade lower and a grade higher. The grades will only effect the speed in which the AI attacks and techs at during the first 20-30 minutes.
* Armageddon units are color-coded to determine their tiers.

Consider this a demonstration. I am only releasing it because I do not foresee finishing it in the near future.

No content in this mod may be used without express permission of their authors. For the record, no one has permission to use any of the diablo graphics by Nottingham Systems (they gave me specific permission a while back (This includes all graphics except the larger variant of the snake demon and the Infoceptor Stormrider)) and only poiuy_qwert and Baja have permission to use the infinity engine graphics. Several graphics were obtained from the Maplantis download database and are property of their respective owners. Other graphics I modified myself.

By downloading this file you accept that it may in fact be a device intended to destroy your computer, your house, your dog, and your soul, and that I am not responsible for mass loss of virginity, lives, or lawn insurance rates.

This file may not be redistributed or altered in any form without my permission. You are encouraged, however, to study the files, especially the iscript, to help improve your own understanding of the game. If you have any questions or comments, leave them here.

On the horizon -

* Tier 7
* Difficulty settings
* Around 8-10 new units
* Effects, such as dust clouds for siege tanks, missile trails for default units, debris, rubble, distortion...
* Bigger soundtrack
* Vocal taunts on Armageddon units
* Pie

And now... at long last... <-- 53 megs

And Rofflecakes...
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Re: Armageddon Onslaught - RELEASED!

Postby chris » Wed Mar 12, 2008 11:29 am

needs fixing  :-\
*goes back to playing on RequiemD*
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