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New Campaign: The Dark Ocean Released

Posted: Thu Oct 23, 2014 4:11 am
by RazorclawX

Wanderers of Sorceria X1: The Dark Ocean ~ The Tale of Hokuto

Taking place following the conclusion of Book 6, The Dark Ocean is a short 4-mission* campaign featuring the esper Hokuto, who woke up in 1575 Feudal Japan at the cusp of a battle that changed the course of the country's history. Allied with Vance of the Shrike Mercenaries, Hokuto is haunted by the dreams of a vast black ocean threatening to swallow her very existence.

  • Fight alongside Hokuto and Vance with more useful abilities
  • Battle against foes who love knockback abilities as much as you love using them
  • Enjoy a throwback to an era when Blizzard wasn't owned by Activision
  • Bask in the tongue-in-cheek nonsense in a flavor only Razorclaw X could give you
  • Pad a list to make it even bigger

* Actual mission count may vary.

Re: New Campaign: The Dark Ocean Released

Posted: Mon Nov 03, 2014 6:37 am
by Hercanic