Community News: Aeon of the Hawk - Special Edition

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Community News: Aeon of the Hawk - Special Edition

Postby Lavarinth » Mon Feb 18, 2008 1:13 pm

Meta, creator of Aeon of the Hawk and The Flame Knives, has recently posted an update on the Special Edition version of Aeon of the Hawk. A quick excerpt:

"With Starcraft 2 well on its way, the twilight of the Starcraft campaign scene draws close, as the community is eager to play the sequel and explore a whole new world – or should I say galaxy – of possibilities. However, as the Starcraft Minicampaign Contest shows, the good old Starcraft: Broodwar is not dead. Not yet.

"Around 4 years ago, when the campaign scene was already declining and I was getting tired of SC multiplayer, I finally started making my contribution to Starcraft. The mind-blowing behemoth called Legacy of the Confederation by The Oracle and Joel Steudler brought another meaning to “epic” and showed how Starcraft was perfectly capable of delivering a detailed storyline that far surpassed that of Blizzard’s own campaigns (in my opinion, anyway). And the (still) largely unknown but terrific Newrand Citadel by Messiah00Guy (m0g) showed how a few elements – creativity, simplicity and knowledge of Staredit – would suffice to make interesting gameplay. These two campaigns were the main motivators behind my own mapmaking.

"Thus the Protoss-based campaign The Flame Knives was born. The success I achieved with it largely surpassed my own expectations, and when I was finally done with the campaign… well, I still had ideas for more maps. Triggering minigames, making terrain, coming up with dialogues and cutscenes had become a hobby, an addiction… and then I knew I would eventually make another campaign. Smiley

"It was then that my second campaign, Aeon of the Hawk, was born, and once again I achieved success with it.

"After a huge loss of motivation and time, which led to a complete lack of progress for around 2 years, I decided to take the half-made old maps I had lying around my HD, debug and polish them. The mention of Aeon of the Hawk in a recent PC Gamer article was an unexpected recognition, and it restored my lost motivation.

"This Special Edition is the result: the campaign is complete, and is only undergoing final beta testing before release."

Read more here: ... opic=692.0
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Re: Community News: Aeon of the Hawk - Special Edition

Postby chris » Tue Feb 19, 2008 5:14 am

you forgot quotation marks. I don't think you made "Aeon of the Hawk" Lav :P
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