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Campaign Creations Campaign Contest

Postby Lavarinth » Mon Oct 29, 2012 6:33 pm

There has been a very long overdue congratulation in order. As the Campaign Creations Campaign Contest ended, many who dared to attempt the stressful task of creating a unique campaign failed. The unexpected toll, however, was so great it left only three entrees in the finals. It was a great run for most, but they simply could not compete with a deadline, as most creators have never had to face. One project out of these three, however, stood above them all. While all campaign creators are not exactly perfectionists, we aim solely to release our creative vision, this project aims closest to being a true campaign with its creator's vision clearly defined.

Putting an end to a long contest, and even longest and often delayed judging, our sole victor of three final entrees is granted to none other than Jim_Raynor, a young individual with a heart of expression.

Congratulations Jim, expect a personal contact soon, and may your creative mind ever expand. A fair apology for the delays in announcing a winner, it has been a hectic year, to say the least.

A description of Jim_Raynor's campaign, Resonance is described as follows:
Resonance tells the tale of Lieutenant Kevan Storm of the Koprulu Liberation Front. Sent on a covert ops mission with his squad to the frozen Dominion wasteland of Floe, his primary objective is to scout the area and assess whether or not it would be profitable to destroy the Dominion encampment there. A surprise assault from the Zerg appears, and his ship crash lands, killing his men... and forcing him to work with the Dominion forces of Floe.

As the events of Resonance unfold, Storm will begin to find his true allegiance... as well as become part of a much larger plot that begins to unfold around him.

A strong suggestion check out Jim_Raynor's campaign by clicking here, and make sure to let him know your thoughts on it!
- - Lavarinth
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