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Podcast: Custom Content

Postby Lavarinth » Thu Jul 05, 2012 9:16 pm

In this podcast, Pr0nogo approaches with a relatively simple subject for discussion that expands into the utilizing of mod materials in Brood War maps and the significance they can bring to maps, the mindsets of BW mappers vs modders, and the implications of aspirations involved inbetween for all custom content.

Head on over to our Podcast section to check out our previous podcasts as well, or click here to get listening!
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Re: Podcast: Custom Content

Postby GnaReffotsirk » Sat Jul 07, 2012 11:24 am

Edit: I've been listening to this podcast in a loop for almost a day now. And after an experience with my most recent opened thread, I'd just like to share something.

1. The vision is crucial. It holds you together, and keeps you going.

If you know what you want, and have seen what you want in your mind, and have enough proof that it can be done, having this as core is very important. It could be anything. For me, it was a scene.

While trying to sleep, before uploading the videos, I've seen this scene in my head, and I loved it. I was excited to make it. This vision will soon play a part as I list down #2.

2. Negative feedback, or silence, or whatever can create an obstacle.

The results can be many things. We can call these internal stirring anything. But what it does is it halts your will to continue. You can say it saps your energy, doesn't give you assurance, etc. Whatever it is, what it does is threaten to stop you on your track.

Now, without the vision/idea/spark I just had in #1, I would have been in a slump right now. Unable to figure out why I don't like to continue creating my project. I'd be tossing and turning inside, creating justifications, identifying things, calling them whatever.

This, I believe is where most projects become dead. Why?

Because we sometimes jump into the editor or whatever tools or activity without having a "real taste" of a clearly defined vision.

Luckily, for this project, I have a solid vision that I feel is beautiful and something I love. Which couldn't have been possible if there wasn't any successes and people's appreciation in the past. Bringing us to the next point:

3. A support group is necessary.

People who will show trust in what you do, and give appreciations, having faith that in everything, whatever a man does and keeps doing overtime (with the proper attitude and approach) will lead him to greater heights.

There's this one guy, I don't know who he is, that puts a thumbs up in my videos, even if nobody has. This guy, has helped me, and have given me some strength.

Without you guys, without Mesk who jumps in to help whenever he can, without Lavarinth who has reignited my passion, and shown faith and appreciation, Maglok, and all of you guys here, I wouldn't have made it this far.

Call it the hand of fate or whatever, the fact remains, that without a supportive group of people, who will give you encouragements, show you efficient paths, tell you advice, suggestions, you will be struggling against a lot of potential things that could "lead you astray".

There must be honesty though, and one must accept things positively. This can only come if you know they are there having faith in you, and that their intentions are good. Whatever good means to you or to them, the important thing is that these friends keep you going.

4. Learn to reject negativity.

There's pointing out what can be done better; what is wrong with something; what could be if we do this or that, but there is pure, evil, negativity.

It can come from others, but mostly it comes from ourselves.

How this works or whatever, the bottom line is, you must learn and have the power to argue against this pure-evil.

This will not be possible if you don't have a "clearly defined vision" that you can honestly say,

"if this existed, I'd be very happy."

Which leads us to the next point.

5. Gauge success by your own satisfaction.

Think about this, if a guy has never seen a beautiful woman (for example, he lives in this village of ugly), and you bring him a woman from your city, and even if this woman is frowned upon by many in your city, as long as to him this was better than the women he has seen, he will say "oh, that is beautiful!"

Now, when we base our satisfaction based on other's satisfaction, you'll be in for a wild emotional ride.

Whatever the reason each has different tastes or levels of appreciation or satisfaction, the important thing is you.

Not because you don't want to please them, but because you yourself must experience these "beauties" as you grow as a content creator.

This in effect will result into personal successes, and a feeling of great satisfaction.

To share, before I released the survivors cinematic, I watched it 10,000 times on my desk. I had no intentions of sharing it. But I ended up doing it. Not to please others, but to share in a hope that they'd have some sort of pleasure or whatever positive spark inside them. It doesn't matter what it is. I know for myself I was ecstatic. I was like, "whoa! the hand of God!" To others they might say, "meh, just another cheap machinima with a lot of lag".

Doesn't matter what others would feel, that's not my responsibility. What matters is the satisfaction you take from your finished work is "life giving".

It can tell you anything, but I'm sure it will tell you something that will propel you forward, and will become a foundation for the future projects you will be making. It will, for one, "give you strength" when facing future "challenges".

6. "Dare to Be" or Take up the challenge.

This sounds like an ad, but let me explain.

Firstly, we don't just take up any challenge. We can, and we should. Impulsiveness is a trait that allows you to learn more about yourself. If you feel like doing something, as long as you know it is aimed towards good things, then take it up.

It doesn't matter if you did not deliver to those who you advertized to. What matters is you have dared to move, and have in the process grown. At least for a moment there you were "yourself".

7. To finish something is better than starting something new.

Finish here doesn't mean completed. It doesn't mean you have reached the "vision" and was able to make it real. It means you have reached a point where you've reached the point where moving on, or improving is neither wrong.

Remember, this is all about your responses inside. What you feel. This "neither wrong" I'm taking about is your conscience. No, not the active, rational conscience, but your inner self. That tiny voice that is so naive and so gullible.

Note the virtues I've attached to this "inner self". When this guy has come to a point where it is sure that whichever direction it chooses to go will not lead to regrets, you have "succeeded". You have "finished".

Completed it? Maybe not. Maybe you will, maybe you wont, but you have reached a position of confidence and self assurance.

8. "Do not force activity upon yourself".

We are not trying to appeal to anyone here. We are not trying to justify ourselves towards whatever. You were moved to create by yourself. If yourself tells you to stop, then stop.

9. and finally, "do not judge yourself"

Judging I mean is to measure yourself. Don't. This leads to "identifications". You stamp yourself as if you're dead. It's not over.

The worst thing "identification" leads you is condemnation. You literally send yourself to the bowls of hell to suffer its flames for 10,000 years. Dont.


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