Black Sun: Salvation Completed

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Black Sun: Salvation Completed

Postby Lavarinth » Fri Nov 04, 2011 5:19 pm

Resident long-time modder IskatuMesk has completed a project that began long ago, and it is not a mod. Black Sun is a four-year long project that ends with a feature-length video showcasing assets and material created for Sins of a Solar Empire and presented with loose-fitting dialogue and composition. It offers a tiny glimpse into the writings of IskatuMesk and the evolution of his abilities in voice acting and graphics including custom sound effects, particles, models, textures, and more. Everything you see originated from the mind of IskatuMesk, and is presented in full high quality recording via Sins of a Solar Empire.

When asked what Black Sun is, IskatuMesk had this say:

Black Sun is emotion.
Black Sun is pride.
Black Sun is despair.
Black Sun is sadness.
Black Sun is anger.
Black Sun is at its heart a reflection of my inner conflict against psychosis, depression, and suicide.
Black Sun is loosely based on my life's work.

As it is today, Black Sun: Salvation is an experimentation in graphics and sound engineering. It is a two-act video that showcases some material inspired by my novel, created for myself and presented publicly. It is the last mod-related project I plan to create as I desire to move on to private game design.

You can watch all of Black Sun: Salvation in it's entirety in the dedicated forum thread, or simply visit the source link below.

Source: Black Sun: Salvation - A Journey Unto Hell and Beyond Forum Thread
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