Satyr Saturday Lite Replay/Maps Batches

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Satyr Saturday Lite Replay/Maps Batches

Postby Ricky_Honejasi » Wed Sep 12, 2007 11:35 pm

I have updated the current complete batch of replays and maps from the Satyr Saturday events for your viewing pleasure.  In addition, I have created a new lite batch which includes only the latest SS replays/maps that are compatible with TFT v1.21, cutting down the file size from 712 MB to 216 MB.

The lite batch covers SS weeks 82 to 124.

Lite Batches (only v1.21 replays/required maps)
Complete Batches
Satyr Saturday Weekly Replay Thread (will include future SS replays)

If you are unfamiliar with Satyr Saturday, it is a weekly Warcraft 3 event in which players from both Campaign Creations and the Star Alliance come to play custom maps. The event starts each Saturday at 9 PM GMT-5 (Eastern Time) and the meeting place is USWest (NOT USEast) in the channel "Clan LLDN". The event usually lasts 5-6 hours.  You do not need to be a member of Clan LLDN to participate.

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