Judicator Drealan Revealed!

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Judicator Drealan Revealed!

Postby Lavarinth » Thu Dec 09, 2010 12:21 pm

Legacy of the Confederation creator The Oracle has released a visual of one of the more significant characters of his upcoming StarCraft II remastered work. Check out the masterpiece over at The Oracle's Blog, and make sure to send him your appreciation. Browse his blog for more portrait releases and make sure to follow along with updates to Legacy of the Confederation.

What is Legacy of the Confederation?
Legacy of the Confederation has been in production for countless years, first on the original StarCraft. Taking place in an alternate universe in the StarCraft storyline, Earth is a focal point for this grand scale storyline. Legacy of the Confederation I and II were released for StarCraft and it's expansion Brood War, alongside a spinoff titled Fallen Angel. The hit success of Legacy of Confederation spawned numerous reviews from sites and magazines including PC Gamer. Originally, upon his return The Oracle was going to release the third chapter in his storyline, however instead opted to retell the story from the beginning for all the fans. Expect another masterpiece from The Oracle as he works feverishly on Legacy of the Confederation for StarCraft II.
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