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Frenzied Firebat Saturday

Posted: Tue Aug 17, 2010 5:52 pm
by Dread
Frenzied Firebat Saturday (FFS) is an event hosted each week where new and old members of Campaign Creations take some time to unwind online in StarCraft 2. Whether checking out new custom maps or duking it out in a variety of melee scenarios. There's no better time to hop on and cook some Zerg with friends.

Check out the dedicated thread for the quick VIP list of participants. Note that the start time is at 6PM PST (GMT-8).

Feel free to register and add your name to the list. It's just that easy! As the event begins people will be wrangled in to a party by one of our friendly hosts and that's when the fun begins. If you're shy about registering on the forums, then hop online StarCraft 2 and contact Honejasi.300, as he's traditionally our master of ceremonies.

Source: Campaign Creations Facebook Fanpage