Activision Blizzard Conference Call in 20 Minutes

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Activision Blizzard Conference Call in 20 Minutes

Postby Lavarinth » Wed Feb 10, 2010 1:13 pm

StarcraftWire keeps us updated with information on the beta:

Blizzard is holding their 2009 Q4 Results Conference Call this afternoon (or evening, depending on what side of the world you're on). The call is scheduled to go live at 1:30PM PT. This is a conference call that Activision-Blizzard holds four times a year to update its investors on how it has been doing for the last quarter of a year and what its plans are for the future. So why does this concern us here at In their plans for the future we may be able to find some insight into the development of our beloved StarCraft II.

During the last conference call we were told of the unfortunate delay of the beta test. While it was sad at that time it clearly proves that the StarCraft II beta is something that they wish to address in these conference calls. We are all hoping to hear that the beta keys are being sent out this evening but what can we really expect? All we can expect to hear from this conference call most certainly is an update regarding the state of the game's progress. This could mean that beta is starting tonight or this Friday. At the same time, we could simply hear another "very soon" type of comment.

Consider this a message of hope, but also a warning. Although I'm fairly certain we will hear something, we'll have to wait and see if it's positive or negative.

Click here to listen to the conference call when it goes live.

Via StarcraftWire
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