StarCraft II Q&A - Batch 46

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StarCraft II Q&A - Batch 46

Postby Lavarinth » Sat Nov 22, 2008 10:31 am

Blizzard has just released the next batch of Question and Answers, edition 46. The following questions were asked:

1. In StarCraft II, will there be friendly fire?
2. Trilogy is Beginning, mid and end, or is it the same story told from three points of view?
3. Are there any special animations for units which are standing around doing nothing for a long time?
4. What is the optimum procedure for the new gas mechanic? Should a player mine both gases at the same time and cycle the inactive workers (when the geyser goes down) to the minerals? Or should a player mine only one geyser and alternate the workers between the two?
5.What Protoss unit is now the best option to counter mass enemy air units? The Phoenix lost its overload ability which was really the only Protoss splash damage option other than Psi Storm.
6. What kind of damage do spells deal? Is there a type “Spell” or don’t they have any specific attack type?

In addition, they also have their occasional "Chat with the Devs" relating to the Terran Planetary Fortress to have splash damage.

In addition, there is now a "Weekly Blue Roundup" which shows some summaries of Blizzard posts, which included: How useful Archon have in SC2 and Questions on Zerg.

You can read all about it on our forum here or visit's forum here.

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