Wc3NewbieMapper-to-Wc3CompetentMapper updated

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Wc3NewbieMapper-to-Wc3CompetentMapper updated

Postby Ricky_Honejasi » Sat Oct 04, 2008 9:11 am

While it's a minor update after so long, it does add two important tutorial map subjects : Loops and Array variables. Both that can be confusing when trying to learn them (especially by guesswork) yet they are two of the most important subjects to understand if you intend to be serious at triggering.

The results : being able to considerably extend your triggering possibilities (prerequisite to JASS as well) and to minimize time use for repetitive actions (one loop action to affect 12 players instead of 12 individual actions for all of them).

You can download the updated Wc3NewbieMapper-to-Wc3CompetentMapper v0.61 from this thread here.

You can also see the content list here.

- Ricky_Honejasi
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