StarCraft II Q&A - Batch 44

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StarCraft II Q&A - Batch 44

Postby Lavarinth » Mon Sep 08, 2008 11:25 am

Blizzard has just released the next batch of Question and Answers, edition 44. The following questions were asked:

1. Is it possible for replays to contain more in depth player statistics such as average clicks per minute, number of hotkeys used, etc.. ?
2. Terrans currently appear to be at a disadvantage in terms of troop mobility, (as compared to 'Warp-in' and 'Nydus Worm') are there any plans to bring back the, 'drop-pod' or other new transport mechanic?
3. With the new high ground mechanic in place, an army can't fight units that are on higher ground anymore until they get a spotter up the ledge. Both Zerg and Terran have the possibility to spot units on high ground with Overlords and floating buildings right from the start of the game, but the first Protoss unit to fly up there would be the Phase Prism. Could it be that Protoss players have a significant disadvantage on some maps because of this?
4. Will the Unit Portraits in SC2 be pre-rendered high quality video clips like in SC1 ?
5. We all know how important it is that tier 1 units be effective at later tiers, which has prompted different unit abilities like the Zealots Charge. But it seems that the Protoss have a leg up in that they have Charge while the Zerglings have only their traditional speed boost without any AI enhancements. Is anything being planned for the Zergling?

In addition, they also have their normal "Chat with the Devs" relating to Creep Tumors and their purpose in the game.

You can read all about it on our forum here or visit's forum here.

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