StarCraft II Q&A - Batch 43

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StarCraft II Q&A - Batch 43

Postby Lavarinth » Tue Aug 19, 2008 12:39 pm

Blizzard has just released the next batch of Question and Answers, edition 43. The following questions were asked:

1. What happens if a Nullifier targets a Colossus with the Anti-Gravity ability?
2. How many critters will there be available and will they have attack animations?
3. Can the Infestor infest any building, or only specific ones, such as Barracks or Gateways, if the Protoss can be infested?
4. What units are currently undergoing major art changes?
5. How do Zerg vs Zerg games play out in SC2? Is it still mostly a battle of mutalisks and zerglings or have the new units changed things around?

In addition, they also have their normal "Chat with the Devs" relating to Single Player aspects of the game.

You can read all about it on our forum here or visit's forum here.

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