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Campaign Creations Highlight Forum Threads

Postby Lavarinth » Mon Aug 04, 2008 2:08 pm

In an effort to let all our non-foruming community members stay up to date with Campaign Creations, I decided to put a very short list together of the current popular topics in Campaign Creations' forum with a short description of them.

First up is one our longest running threads: StarCraft II Official! (Pictures)
This thread has gone though countless pages of Starcraft II discussion. Well, actually 93 pages. But continues to this day, the reason being due to the updates i nthis thread every release of an FAQ by Karune of Blizzard. This will spark a new conversation in this thread topic and thus is the best place to voice your thoughts on StarCraft II.

Next in line is a Blizzard-related topic: Blizzon 08, whos going?
Yes, that probably should say BlizzCon, but the topic crafter (WarBringer, by the way) opted to keep the "c" out. Here quite a large discussion has occured over a few topics including BlizzCon (obviously) and World of WarCraft. In addition, topics of forum members' ages sparked up for a while as well. If you have any thoughts on BlizzCon this would also be your place to spout.

A community-thread was created as well: Lavarinth
For some reason, Desler has opted to create a thread with my name though it serves no relevance to my name. In reality, this topic is about what kind of computers all the community members are running at the moment. It's nothing too exciting, obviously, however just a normal community thread like this comes up every once in a while alongside those of "post your desktop" and "post your pic" sort of topics. Maybe I'll create a "post your hair" thread.

Lastly is the most unexpected: A glimpse at my StarCraft 2 project.
This topic was also created by Desler. That is what is unexpected. Desler, the founder of the site, has released a very very small look into his StarCraft II project by showing us his website. This has been done in much similar fashion as The Oracle has for his announcement of Legacy of the Confederation III. Desler has titled his project Celestial Reverie, however, claims it has no relations to any of his previous projects and will hold no return-characters. If you visit this site, chances are you've played one of his many projects released on StarCraft hosted on Campaign Creations. Feel free to discuss his upcoming project in his thread.

The purpose of this post was to remind all those non-forum member guests of ours that we DO have a forum I do encourage you all to participate in the forum and get to know us all. Perhaps even one day you can hold the title of "veteran of Campaign Creations" like many of do for being a member for many years.
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