Warcraft III 1.29 Patch and Wanderers of Sorceria Updates

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Re: Warcraft III 1.29 Patch and Wanderers of Sorceria Updates

Postby RazorclawX » Sun Feb 10, 2019 3:09 am

UPDATES 2/10/19

Wanderers of Sorceria 4th Edition updated with the following changes:

* General: Fixed Kurumi and Shizuka to disable the Alternate animation while using Oracle Synthesis for the classes that use it.
* Book 1, General: Fixed Kanna using an older version model.
* Book 1, Chapter 1: Moved the Hard mode Creep Spawning to start after the Nekurow encounter instead of the Intro cutscene to prevent the spawning Kobolds from interfering with said cutscene.
* Book 1, Chapter 6: 'Mission of Mercy' is correctly listed as a Required Quest instead of Optional on the Quest page.
* Book 2, General: Fixed Kanna using an older version model. Hikaru, Johan, Scaldar, and Kosseimaru no longer start with Chaos damage by default (Scaldar's Lurker Burrow still deals Chaos damage). These same Heroes will gain Chaos damage when the story calls for it. Miranda no longer deals Chaos damage. Hikaru and Miranda's 5th class, and Scaldar's 4th class will still do Chaos damage by default due to the nature of the classes. For the Secret Level, Miranda, Ziel, and Hokuto gain Chaos damage so they won't be as useless in the gauntlet (the same isn't true for Kasumi, Tendaro, Higure, and Tanya if you have them). Shizuka, Nekurow, and Kanna always have Chaos damage because they start with their own special weapons.
* Book 2, Chapter 2: Hikaru (Chaos Lord) no longer comes equipped with the Angel Sword as he already has a weapon.
* Book 2, Chapter 3: Fixed Caravan guards not responding to attacks from roving units belonging to the 'Arcadia's Chosen' faction. Fixed Mastyrial Warmage icon. Fixed allowed building tech (just Necropolis, Spirit Towers, Graveyard, and Royal Ziggurats-- which have Warriors, Necromancers, and Warmages available as options).
* Book 2, Secret Level: "Campaign Creations" starts as an Allied teammate of "The Sorcerians" instead of its own faction to prevent an occasional RNG bug that treats the two factions as initially hostile, which causes the Black Dream to annihilate all of your player characters (this is already the case for the similar Dragon Slayer Arena in Book 5). You can still attack them if you really want to.
* Book 3, Interlude 2: Fixed Scaldar using the old model. Changed the Crypt Fiend general into a Necromancer general. Replaced Abomination Guards with Spider Lords.
* Book 4, Chapter 5: Sorceria Expedition can no longer be approached by flyers, summoned units, or illusions. Raised undead weapon/armor research cap to maximum.
* Book 4, Chapter 7: Warmage Adept Training should consistently start at Lv.2. Fixed Kurumi's model in the ending cutscene.
* Book 4, Secret Level 1: Fixed Sealed Shizuka using the wrong model.
* Book 4, Chapter 8 Part 2: Fixed Sealed Shizuka using the wrong model (which consequently also fixes Sorana's Sealed form model in the same level).
* Book 5, General: Added checks to help make sure Hikaru and Zule start with their swords if they somehow lost them. Added missing texture for Kasumi's Sealed form.
* Book 5, Chapter 4: Gunther's army gains Kobold Slingers as ranged units if you rescued Taskmaster Rijik earlier. If you don't rescue Rijik and pick Gunther you still have no ranged units. Added check to make sure Nekurow starts with the Red Moon Blade equipped.
* Book 5, Secret Level 1: The ninja faction is now called 'Hanagumi Ninja' instead of the defunct 'Kagero Clan'. The ninja heroes' names pull from a pool of flowers, naturally (or, at least, the ones I haven't used yet since a lot of my characters are already theme named after flowers).
* Book 5, Chapter 5: Hub music theme replaced with another Legacy of the Wizard theme. Fixed Tarantunes Golems not activating, including an issue caused if you attacked Rockgaea first. Changed the Mystic Crossbow into the Magic Key (which is what it should have been in the first place). Changed the Sealed Gates into Units instead of Doodads so you don't have to click each individual unit in order to destroy them; you should auto acquire and attack them once you have the Magic Key. Changed the graphics of the Sealed Gates to something other than an ice pillar. Reduced the health of the Sliding Gates and the Rolling Stone Door.
* Book 5, Chapter 6: Hikaru will start at Level 10 on this level regardless of what level he was previously. Replaced the model of the Murloc Assassin to one that won't crash the game. Murloc Assassins no longer have Shadow Meld or Shadow Strike. Removed the Murloc Assassins in Easy difficulty. Reduced damage from Clench's Chemical Tank. Removed Reincarnation from Gorbash (because there's honestly no point to him having it as he's already a damage sponge). Fixed Cinder using the wrong model.
* Book 6, General: Fixed Kasumi's Sealed form model texture so it doesn't crash the game when used.
-- Razorclaw X
Creator of Wanderers of Sorceria and Vision of the Future

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