Wanderers of Sorceria X2-- Version 2.0

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Wanderers of Sorceria X2-- Version 2.0

Postby RazorclawX » Fri Oct 27, 2017 6:39 pm

An updated version of Wanderers of Sorceria X2 has been released. Among the changes:

* Three new playables stages- a follow-up to Chapter 2, the fight pitting Shizuka and Ziel against Pixy Amy's monster, and another short adventure with Vance.
* General: Zerglings and Hydralisk now have Starcraft 2 appearances just like the rest of the Zerg units.
* General: Fixed general projectile scaling issues, particularly among Zerg units.
* General: Extra costumes from completing sections of the story reduced. A few are now given out in one of the new stages.
* General: Interlude visits can now always be skipped without visiting anyone.
* General: Criteria for Omake skits lowered to collecting Journal pages and buying the final Journal upgrade in the shop.
* Chapter 1: Zerg structures no longer have Spiked Barriers. Banelings no longer kill their own allies or each other.
* Chapter 2: Enemy difficulty reduced in both Normal and Easy mode. Hard mode is now what Normal mode used to be.
* Interlude 1: Removed Omake 1. Consequently Omake 2 is now Omake 1. Omake 2 from the Epilogue is now Omake 2.
* Interlude 2: Changed the Wicked Bear so it now eats its victim instead of having it described for you. Captured victims have their hands tied behind their back instead of in front. Omake 1 looks a lot more like you would think. Reduced the more explicit horror in some of the skits (they're still horrific, though).
* Epilogue: Omake 2 moved to Interlude 1; see above. Omake 3 is now Omake 2.
-- Razorclaw X
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