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Posted: Wed Sep 02, 2015 9:45 am
by Ice4smaster
This is my second mod for SC2, with Star Armada soon finished, which been and still is a huge project, i begin work on this mod, this time instead of a MOBA i'm making a space strategy game, similar to Homeworld ( if someone does not know the title then HERESY, expect the inquisition! XP ). It's still in it's infancy but soon will reach a state which i'd call playable. Some info.
-Game space expanded through miniaturization, unit's about 20-10% the size what normally are, movement speed scaled according as well, give truly colossal map to cover.
-Currently sized for 6 players, this can change.
-Will have all the 3 races
-Will use 5 Resources
---Minerals: plane and basic good old minerals
---Gas: ditto
---Anti Matter: Used for very powerful abilities as fuel, the most generic of such is Warp Drive
---Clones / Inactive Crew: Using the custom resources, this would be cloned personals, but in stasis, not active, passively increase over time or can do mass cloning to increase it at a rapid pace
---Active Crew: The max number of crew that can be maintained ( Supply )
-Battlefield would be in two planes, "Ground" for capital ships with collision and "Air" for fighter and light ships without collision
-Races would be different, just like the vanilla game or as Star Armada with their own flavour, not carbon copy paste with a different paint job the lazy way.
---wide variety in size and power
---Distinguished specific roles with pros and cons for each ship
---Raced based abilities as unique abilities for units
---Planned techs between 10-30 levels atm
---Tech paths with own pros and cons 2-4 most likely
-Sub Factions, with cons and pros both, for example:
---Industrialist, with boost in mining and construction
---Mercenary, with combat unit bonuses
---Imperialist, with bonus population cap and resource start
---Scientist, with detection, exploration and faster Tech

The game would take place in an immense deep space asteroid/nebula field, i expect games range between a hour to several hours, really depending on how players able to deceive, hide, and find and strike down enemy Super capitals ( Mothership, Carrier, Dreadnought ) while have a good economy.

The likely weakness, at the early stages for sure, would be triggering, and most, if not all things, that is possible will be done through DATA.

Diplomacy would be part of it as well when triggers properly built, so all can enjoy the unlikely alliances and backstabbing game stile if thats what they desire, but ultimately,, like in highlander, there can be one.

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Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2015 2:26 am
by Ice4smaster
Some Screenshots