The FFS event and Blizzard's Spawning

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The FFS event and Blizzard's Spawning

Postby Ricky_Honejasi » Tue Jun 04, 2013 7:37 pm (Blizzard Video)

Blizzard recently introduced Spawning. In short, if you have a lower expansion level (ex : Starter Edition or WoL) while partied with a higher expansion player (WoL or HotS), you get almost all of the features of the highest expansion.

I say "almost" since I believe the Starter Edition is still locked to Terran (or they can't random?) even if they get a HotS "spawn up" but otherwise still allow to enjoy HotS maps nonetheless. WoL players have no issue whatsoever if spawned up to HotS.

Along with the FFS event still going on, you could download the free Starter Edition of SC2 and then join us at the FFS event for HotS arcade maps since I will be open to "spawn up" whoever needs it.

I am the FFS event leader. You can add me as Honejasi.300 on the US servers.

Remainder of the FFS event :
- Every Saturday at 9:00 pm GMT-5. We usually play up to 4-5 hours of time.
- Meeting group ( != channel) is "Campaign Creations" on the US servers.

Note : If you download the free Starter Edition, please download/update it fully (yes, it's like 20 GB for WoL + HotS data) as downloading in pre-game or mid-game will ridiculously slow us down while we wait for you. I do intend to put you aside if you clearly only downloaded the strict minimum.

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