Fresh Meat For Your Pictionary Bones

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Fresh Meat For Your Pictionary Bones

Postby Master Jademus Sreg » Fri Jan 14, 2011 8:15 pm

I've got mouse-based input for you. The attached map includes both galaxy and (disabled) GUI examples.
Controls: Left-click to draw. Right-click to erase. C key to clear.

Let the avalanche of penises commence, I guess?

EDIT: For clarity, the contents of this proof-of-concept map can be used however you like, but preferably it will be used to make a version of Pictionary that doesn't suck.
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Re: Fresh Meat For Your Pictionary Bones

Postby Ricky_Honejasi » Sat Jan 15, 2011 1:21 pm

Well seems mouse stuff seems to work any although I will essentially have to trigger it specific to my version. Multiple players and mouse events are very taxing (heard that 3+ players doing it once will make everything lag horribly), I will have to trigger it for each player individually (which there are players 1 to 15).

As a side thing, rather than making a unit in Pictionnary, it's a texttag with the some dot-like ASCII character text-colored in yellow. Even those sphere units will probably take too much processing power in great quantity (which is very likely in Pictionnary).

Also I don't intend to implement a local erase function yet considering how I would have to mass loop 8000 or 16000 array spaces just find the right dots per "mouse has moved" event.

Although I think I do have a plan ...

EDIT : ... which is to give you the map via PM to poke at your leisure and at your own credit (while keeping the previous ones). :p

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