Spleen of the swarm

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Spleen of the swarm

Postby Dtox » Thu Sep 09, 2010 10:24 am

has anyone else tried this map out? its like a complete overhaul on the zerg, much like the old zerg. we have lurkers, t1.5 hydras, scourge, the larvae ability is on the hatch, all kinds of stuff

to anyone who has tried it out, what do you think about it? what are some things from that map that you think should be implemented into SC2?

one thing for sure i like is the earlier hydralisks, they dont cost a whole lot so you can actually mass them (and ther fast off creep)

another thing i like is this revision of the roach, its t2 now and costs 100min 50gas, and has an ability to apply a dot that does 18 dmg over time with each attack (i dont think it stacks). though it took a hit to its damage and health, it has an upgrade to give it its health back and +1 to armor (it has a natural 2 armor). but it lost its ability to move while burrowed.

speaking of burrowed, one thing that i think is MASSIVELY imbalanced is the fact (with hive tech) that the entire zerg army can move while burrowed, everything from drones to ultralisks.

check the map out and tell me what you guys think, its in the melee 1v1 map selection, near the top.
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