Brandish - The Dark Revenant - Trandition

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Brandish - The Dark Revenant - Trandition

Postby IskatuMesk » Wed Dec 07, 2011 7:45 am

Title: Trandition
Source: Brandish - The Dark Revenant - OST
Artist: Falcom Sound Team jdk
Type: Orchestral

Choosing the mp3 of the week for this week was tough because I had so many good choices. I settled upon this one because I planned to use it as the main theme for Valiance, my latest scrapped sc2 campaign concept. The energy of this piece, primarily the later half, was intended to reflect "The Still Angry World", a motion of thought surrounding one of the main characters in which he chooses to embrace anger and hatred wholly and utterly and goes insane. This, in turn, is a reflection of my own state of mind in which I gradually become more and more hateful and have begun to doubt myself at every turn. I may write out the text related to this in the future, but for now enjoy a track I happened upon by accident that turned out to be pretty damn awesome.

Had I happened upon this instead of the HoMM6 piece I did use I would have probably used this in Black Sun.
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