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SR3 - Killbane and the Syndicate

Posted: Fri Dec 02, 2011 1:06 am
by IskatuMesk
Title: Killbane and the Syndicate
Source: Saint's Row: The Third OST
Artist: Malcolm Kirby Jr.
Type: Metal/Rock/Electronic

Not my usual fair, with links to what I would presume to be rap-styled instrumentation and window-shattering bass (at least on my setup), this track is a variant of the main title theme with a more orchestral flare to it. Killbane, being a Wrestler, seems to be a fitting choice with our newfound love for Ric Flair. When you realize the artist has "kirby" in his name silliness compounds itself.

The OST is a laughable 8 tracks in length, with the game itself boasting somewhere around 900 tracks. Of course, OST's have to fit individual CD's in the age of terabytes, so very, very few OST's ever feature anything close to the actual ingame material, and sometimes they are even different. However, those 8 tracks are much more decent then what I would expect out of the genre, and the ingame music isn't too bad either. I would probably use it for DyiithJhinn or Confederates, depending on the project in question.

Re: SR3 - Killbane and the Syndicate

Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2012 3:01 pm
by Hercanic
I am in love with this song! I've listened to it repeatedly about a dozen times now. Awesome stuff, thanks for posting!

Re: SR3 - Killbane and the Syndicate

Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2012 7:10 am
by Theia_Loki
Oh yeah. Killbane the Walking Apocalypse!
And 'roid rage.

The reason saints Row The Third's OST is only 8 tracks is because they used other music tracks for the music in the game. Just For Today of Hybrid is just one of those additional tracks they used.