Legacy of Ash Track 3 - Tomb Raider: Underworld - Main Theme

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Legacy of Ash Track 3 - Tomb Raider: Underworld - Main Theme

Postby IskatuMesk » Mon Jul 12, 2010 4:51 pm

~ Artist: Troels Brun Folmann
~ Album: Tomb Raider: Underworld Remastered
~ Genre: Orchestral

At a crossroads we stand, the flames of the ages at our heels, the hounds of hell baying in the searing wind. Roaring embers cast blackened scars across our face, but we know we must forge ahead.

Long have we fought. Long have we struggled. We have fallen, risen, and fallen once more. A man would be a fool to say he is without flaw, without weakness. For all men are weak, all men are flawed. Such is the nature of creation.

We must ask of ourselves once more to sacrifice everything. We must beg of ourselves the greatest price to be paid.

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