2009 December 28 - Blizzard - To The End of the Earth

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2009 December 28 - Blizzard - To The End of the Earth

Postby IskatuMesk » Mon Dec 28, 2009 12:15 am

Title: To The End of the Earth
Source: Mosaic Soundtrack, Flac-> Mp3 + Cropping by IskatuMesk
Artist: Blizzard Entertainment
Type: Orchestral (Scottish?)

A piece of the Lick King soundtrack Blizzard cropped for their new compilation. I further the deal by cropping out annoying sfx at the beginning of it and the unfinished trail off at the end. I have criticized Blizzard for many things. Their voice acting, their graphics, their gameplay, their AI. But there's one thing they've always done right, and that's music. WoW's music has been a step above everything they've done so far, especially Lick King's, and as I demonstrated last week, they started damn good, too.

It is the end of 2009. I am on the verge of swearing to a Blood Oath that will commit me to a quest unyielding and merciless - to finish TOA in its entirety before this time next year. This quest will consume me wholly and utterly. This is not simply a preparation of thought, but a honing of the mind and body.

With this in mind, I choose a very specific mp3 of the week for today. I chose something that reflects upon the resolution and the determination that has surfaced within my mind, accompanied by the loneliness of existence itself and sacrifices I will make to achieve this goal.

This music is peaceful, but at the same time it is very foreboding to me. When I listen to this, I think of misty cliffs and shores on the approach of some ancient ship. You know that once you reach land your quest will begin, you will undertake your journey, and it will be most challenging. But at the end of the road it is worth it, and the feeling of classic days overpowers you.

To 2010 - the year of change. Not just change for me, but change for many. We expected sc2 to pop up somewhere around then, do we not? Maybe then there'll be something worth trolling for a change, too. It is a year of opportunity. We are cresting upon those misty shores, forbidding peaks towering high above our craning necks, only the gray skies and the endless thunder of ocean at our feet.

Here our journey begins.
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