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Contest's Scenarios

Posted: Sun Aug 02, 2009 4:35 pm
by Ricky_Honejasi
This is posted although there is still about 7 hours left at the time of this post.

EDIT : Reason #2 has been modified to prevent some confusion.

This thread is created for two reasons :

1) This thread also links to CC backups of the various projects so that it won't be lost as easily as last contest's campaigns over time (where you couldn't download campaigns due to external links' files expiring).

2) This is also to only keep links for files that cannot be "ninja-edited" (in other words, to prevent an author to fix bugs and such secretly after the deadline hoping their newest versions are downloaded while avoiding penalty points in professionalism). Personal sites or other sources that allow to replace the file for the very same download link will be considered "ninja-editable" by my standard. Remote upload sites are basically not "ninja-editable" since it requires to delete the file thus changing the link.

NOTE : After the winners are decided, we can post any personal site's alternative links back in.

Completed scenarios
#1 : Starcraft: Rise of the Protoss by "sharf224"
Download link :

CC Scenario backup :

#2 : Strange World by "Matic"
Download link :
Link not added since the file's source can potentially be ninja-edited.

CC Scenario backup :

#3 : The Reclamation Of Aiur by "AngelSpirit"
Download link :

CC Scenario backup :

Official Withdraws
Note : The links are kept in case the authors went to submit an after-contest campaign.

#4 : StarCraft: Temptations by Jeff "thebrowncloud"
#5 : Final gift of the Xel'naga by "torven"
#6 : Those the Gods Wish to Destroy by "Thalraxal"
#7 : Operation: Mancatcher by "IskatuMesk"

Re: Contest's Scenarios

Posted: Mon Dec 28, 2009 11:13 am
by Ricky_Honejasi
I have finished my testing of the scenario contest :

Strange World by Matic

Rise of the Protoss by sharf224

Reclamation of Aiur by AngelSpirit

As remainders :
1) Those are my testing logs and my opinions as a judge, however remember that it is Lavarinth that will decide the final winner and he can weight the various aspects differently than I do.
2) The testing logs are based on the contest version (the one for the contest submission date) rather than any after-contest versions thus some bugs/problemes you see might be already corrected in your after-contest versions.