Armageddon Onslaught GEC - Revision 3

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Armageddon Onslaught GEC - Revision 3

Postby IskatuMesk » Tue Mar 23, 2010 2:10 am

Armageddon Onslaught: Game Elements Concept
Revision 3
A Game Elements Concept is a game design theology that acts as a guideline to orchestrating the gameplay and driving mechanics of one of my projects. It is not to be treated as a railroad, but rather as a guiding wind, and everything seen here is conceptual data for such purposes only and is not to be treated as canon or final until employed.

Terminology -

DPS - Damage Per Second
Spike/Burst DPS - Denotes that the attack/unit does frontloaded damage eg. Siege Tank, Reaver
Sustained/Consistent/Steady/ect DPS - Refers to a very fast attack, eg. Marine.
TBM - To be Modeled
TBP - To be Processed
TBC - To be Converted (usually from wc3 format)
TBD - To be Decided (probably entails conversion from WoW format)

All vanilla races will be rebuilt from the ground up using sc1 brood war as a foundation.

Global Mechanics


Already explained this previously.

Terrain effects

Shadow - Shadow ground is produced by forces of shadow, including Sethis. Its effects are not decided.
Cursed Blood - Cursed land acts as a haven for evil. Armageddon is capable of teleporting demon units directly onto cursed land.
Holy Ground - Holy ground can be created by a handful of abilities and heroes for players, and provides benefits to them including increased armor/shield armor and health regen.
Anti-magic barriers - These bubbles prevent enemy forces from casting spells from their Wizard Towers within these regions. All Wizard Towers have a barrier around them, while some spells or units can create temporary barriers.

Armageddon Mechanics


Armageddon will have a multitude of auras and effects produced by a variety of units, environmental elements, and bosses/heroes. These will adversely effect player units or buff Armageddon units. Auras stack with other auras but not with others of their own type.

Hellfire - Hellfire is the Armageddon "creep" that appears like lava. It produces a vast amount of dark energy that empowers Armageddon units and heals them over time. Player structures suffer significant damage when touched by the lava, and player vision is reduced inside Hellfire from smoke and heat.
Inspiration - Inspiration comes from heroes, commanding units, champions, and certain Nightmare units. Inspiration is basically a way of rallying lesser minions and encouraging them to fighter harder. This is a very powerful aura and you should make note of.
Machine God - An aura specific to mechanical units, the Machine God aura enhances mechanical units with stronger weapons and the like. Only a few units provide this aura, and the effects are usually very strong.
Aura of Destruction - Produced by the Great Destroyer and empowers Armageddon units to fight with godly strength.

Player Mechanics


Blessings - Various types of auras will be available from your heroes that will mostly provide subtle but very useful effects, like health and mana regeneration.
Heorism - High-level heroes will empower your units further, reducing cooldowns and such.
Tower auras - Wizard Towers will be able to spawn effects or elements of certain types that can empower your units or structures.

Armageddon units

Tier 4

Graphic: TBP

Graphic: TBM
Type: Demon Fleet Battlecruiser
Health: 850
Shields: 750
Armor: 3
Gatling Pulse Cannons; Rapid-fire moderate-ranged general combat weapon, can attack up to 3 targets.
Hellfire Torpedoes; Long-ranged burst splash, unguided, fires two torpedoes dealing ~50 damage each, attacks one target.
Deep Jump - Teleport to location; 5 second charge, 1 second entry, 1 minute cooldown, 50 minimum range.
Recharge Shields - Non-combat shield regeneration is exceptionally fast.
Empowered Abilities
Hellfire - ??
Inspiration - ??
Cursed Blood - Spell Immunity
Machine God - Reactive Shields

Graphic: TBM
Type: Demon Fleet Support Cruiser
Health: 600
Shields: 450
Armor: 2
Starscourge Torpedo Revolvers; Moderately-ranged sustained dps, attacks up to 5 targets.
Aura of Machine God - Produces a Machine God powerfield to empower nearby allied units. 6 radius.
Madness Sprite; Creates a globe of energy that destroys enemy projectiles with a firing rate of 2 shots a second and zero cooldown. Ability has a 10 second cooldown, lasts until destroyed by EMP, Psionic Storm, or other special abilities.
Aegis - Produces a globe of energy that empowers allied units inside of it with +5 shield armor, +10 shield regeneration, and a 25% chance to destroy enemy projectiles that enter it. Lasts 15 seconds. 30 second cooldown.
Vampire Arc - Fires burning crimson lightning that chains off of 3 targets, stealing 30% max health from them and giving them to the Rampage. 20 second cooldown.
Blood Bolt Cannon - Fires a long-ranged blood bolt that saturates an area in Cursed Blood. Persists for 3 minutes, 30 second cooldown.
Shrapnel Burst - A massive burst of flak-like shrapnel that surrounds the ship and deals 25 base damage +75 to light to surrounding enemies.
Empowered Abilities
Hellfire - Activates Bloodflame beam cannon.
Inspiration - Reduced cooldowns.
Cursed Blood - Sprites attack units as well.
Machine God - None

Graphic: TBM
Type: Carrier
Health: 1,000
Shields: 100
Armor: 2
Starscourge Gatling Beam Cannons; Rapid-fire beam weapons that fire in lengthy volleys with a significant cooldown. Targets up to 2 targets.
Deploy Bombers - Launches bomber craft at long-range that attack both air and land targets.
Empowered Shield - Reactive shield that reduces damage down to 5.
Brimstone - Phasic cloaking, produces a cloud of smoke, but cannot be attacked.
Repulsion - Fires a wave of energy that forces enemy air units away.

Graphic: TBM
Type: Siege
Health: 450
Shields: 1500 (Only when fused)
Armor: 5
Psi-Harmonic Wave Generator; Stuns all mechanical units, deals minor damage, extremely fast firing. Only available when fused.
Seismic Distortion Generator; Causes ebony spires to jut from the ground, heavily damaging structures and killing most land units instantly. Massive range. 15 second cooldown. Only available when fused.
Terra Fusion - The ship lands on the surface and "deploys", fusing with the ground temporarily. This enables its attacks.

Abbadon Nightmare
Graphic: TBM
Health: 3,000
Shields: 3,000
Armor: 4
Aura of Inspiration - Provides an inspiring aura with a range of 12.
Hellstorm; Summons a crimson storm that zaps enemy units and burns mana. Attacks up to 5 units. Attacks are based on mana. Lasts 20 seconds. Can only be destroyed by EMP, Storm, ect.
Defense Drones; Deploys interceptors that disable units on attack. Interceptors can suicide enemy units for massive damage.
Particle Burst; Drains all enemy shields in a region.
Implosion - Fires a psionic black hole at a target region, dealing enormous damage over time. Lasts for 10 seconds.
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Re: Armageddon Onslaught GEC - Revision 3

Postby IskatuMesk » Sat Mar 27, 2010 3:01 am

Boss concepts -

There are only 10 tiers but I want more than 10 bosses. Alternatives?

- Randomized bosses.
- More tiers, but occur faster.
- Higher top-end (hour was considered for when the Great Destroyer is summonsed, but we could always go higher? Tech trees and such will be a lot higher... and maps could definitely be made to facilitate huge games. Plus it gives players more time to fight before game-enders start appearing.)

This is a question between speed and content. Being who I am, I am leaning towards content. I think having a much larger, more dynamic battle will be more rewarding to win than a one-hour cap on gametime.

But when is it too long?

Can wave timers be adjusted? How can waves be set up?

This is the most uncertain part of the GEC.

Currently this is how waves are envisioned. This works the same way for each tier -

- Normal wave
- Hard Wave (Normal + Randomized Elites)
- Nightmare Wave
- Hard Wave
- Boss Wave

Each wave has 2-3 minutes separated, the boss spawns a little bit later to give time to deal with the units.

If we go by this, each tier lasts over 10 minutes! Which is way too long.

So, we have a few options.

- Reduce timers.
- Reduce waves.

There is no easy way to calculate what timers will be balanced by. If the wave comes too fast, then y'know, even 7 players (probably more max, something like 12 players seems reasonable right now) will have a hard time because Armageddon units are getting HUGE buffs from the old version 1 and 2 GEC's. As in, lone tier2 player armies won't be able to defeat tier 1 Normal waves.

So, how long is 2 minutes gametime?

This is calculated with + the time it takes to load the replay on Realtime, based on the 2v2 between Harrydg and Buddha vs Moo and the other guy.
Format - Gametime (Realtime)

2:00 (~1:45) - Zerg is getting pool
4:00 - (~3:10) - Zerg is getting Roach Warren + has money to expand, this is rush stage
6:00 - (4:40) - Lair, upgrades, Roaches and/or defenses, early-game battles will happen around this point
8:00 - (6:00 - Spire, slower upgrades, first expansions saturated to a degree, basically entering tier2 gameplay with fast lairs or mass roaches
10:04 (7:31) - Tier1-2 battles occuring now with all players involved, mutalisks, stim, ect. entering play
16:00 (11:56) - Huge difference between gametime and realtime. Lots of mutalisks, established fronts, Harry's third base already down.
28:10 (20:30) - Both sides of the map are largely inhabited by either team and end-game battles are taking place largely with tier2 because few people ever get tier3 unless it's mustaches.

First, why does the economic game flow so slowly?

- Minerals mine out far too fast.
- Gas shortage.
- Units are too mobile.

AO2 would rebuild all 3 vanilla races from scratch, using BW as the foundation, and then adding sc2 tech on top of that, and then AO-related tech on top of that.

But also keep mind, we're not talking about a 2v2 on a tiny map (Metalolpolis), we're talking about a potential 11v1 on a big map.

Conclusions -

- Teching is very slow because of aggressive 2v2 play, small map size, and extremely limited economy metagame. In an FFA, it is possible to tech much faster, and a 1v1 is kind of inbetween.
- Players are combat-capable within 4-5 minutes gametime unless they are hard teching.
- Players can have expansions up by 6-7 minutes gametime.

Hypothesis -

The original wave design won't work well because it locks Armageddon too long in one tier which allows a group of players to hold off and another group to tech to high-end units which will make some encounters and waves a lot easier than they should be. We want all players to participate in the battles either directly or with towers without making AO's units too strong.

Baseline setup info-

Armageddon tier 1 first wave starts at 3:00-4:00 gametime.
Difficulty settings only scale wave timers.

Potential solutions -

Minimalist Wave Setup

~ 3 minute gametime separation
- Normal wave
- Hard wave
- Nightmare wave (Introduces the wave's Legendary units as well)
~ Boss timer starts when 80% of Nightmare wave units die, spawns in 30 seconds after timer starts.
- Boss wave

The important thing to note is that boss fights will have the potential to last up to 10 minutes. This can push late-game wave timers into regions well beyond the scope of the current game (2+ hours easily). With this setup, tier2 should appear at roughly 8-9 minutes gametime.

Armageddon Onslaught 1 setup

- Tier wave (Everything comes at once)
~ Boss timer based on # of enemy units left alive
- Boss wave

The problem with this is that Armageddon will have a huge number of units. Summoning them all at once will present a tremendous challenge to the players because you could have over two dozen unique types of Armageddon units up at once, not including Legendaries (heroes).

Alternate Setup

- Normal Wave (Contains Elites)
- Nightmare Wave (Summons Legendaries)
~ Timer/Unit based Boss spawner
- Boss Wave

We still have a lot of units to deal with at once... BUT...

Things to consider

SC2's AI is a lot more advanced than SC1 or Wc3. You could surely create multiple attack groups and have them all attack separate targets, probably even with a certain minimal distance between each other. This gives us a new set of tools to deal with to achieve several ends -

- Reduce wave timers but prevent "blobs" of super-powerful units from steamrolling places, at least unless they demolish everything else and converge anyways.
- Create unit synergies that spawn in different attack groups that mix with other attack groups, encouraging players to keep these forces from merging (concept taken from Eternity mark 3 campaign defense map)
- Force players to defend multiple regions instead of simply funneling Armageddon units into one place and making a deathtrap out of it.
- Encourage all players to participate in battles and not simply hard tech.
- Spawn a very large number of units, in excess of 100+
- Reduce wave timers so Armageddon techs more aggressively.
- Ease the breakpoint between tiers introduced by longer boss fights.
- Make individual units for high-end tiers MUCH stronger and have more of a lasting impact since they will only come once or twice before Onslaught (in which you die anyways).

What else can we do with this?

- Create dynamic spawn points through Hellfire meteorites, mobile gateway structures, or other means that players can actively intervene and destroy to limit Armageddon's mobility thus forcing the waves to spawn closer to the Destroyer himself.
- Create a ton of interesting geometric features on maps for players to fortify in different ways, thus making each part of the map play out differently depending on events that take place - adding more dynamic and realtime features to the game through the concept of random possiblities and player-driven choices. "Ok, we can tank this ledge, but Meteor fires will push us back and make this area vulnerable again... so we'll need Templar or something to hold the ramp elsewhere."

Some rambling for thought... as an idea of how my thought process works.
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Re: Armageddon Onslaught GEC - Revision 3

Postby IskatuMesk » Fri Apr 23, 2010 10:48 pm

Wave thought process part 2:

I've given it some thought and currently have settled on the following loadout for waves;

======== Game Start
~ 3 minutes ingame time
- Tier 1
* Standard Wave (occurs immediately after boss dies)
* Hard Wave (Comes after 2-3 minutes regardless of Normal Wave unit status) (Summons Legendaries)
* Nightmare Wave (Comes after 2-5 minutes regardless of unit status)
* Boss Wave (Comes after 5 minutes regardless of unit status)
~ ect...


A.) I don't want to base wave timers on unit lifespan like I had considered in the past. Too random. I want to take the random factor out of timings and straight into units. Reverting back to the base GEC as far as this is concerned.
B.) Demands players to be proactive in dealing with waves as fast as possible since they are on a timer.

15 tiers

I am raising the tier count to 15. I'll play about with timings a bit. My early indications say the game will end at ~3 hours gametime max, which is a pretty long time indeed, but seeing as SS often played map tong hop for hours on end in a single game, and this will have much more content and be more entertaining. Plus it gives players a chance to eek out a victory before the Destroyer awakens.

Of course, that's totally subject to change and all. AO1 entered Onslaught in well under an hour usually, and those timings were reasonable, but they were single-wave and we're going to be introducing many more units.


As opposed to three types of Legendaries like in the original GEC I'm just using two types - Standard and Boss.

Legendaries have special flags, like being immune to stuns, slows, ect.

Standard Legendaries are basically heroes.

Bosses are bosses durr hurr

Armageddon will add new Legendary heroes to its pool every Hard Wave. The Great Destroyer himself will summon and ressurect the heroes at regular intervals one at a time, and they'll act independently of waves. Legendaries won't attack you during Boss waves, but they'll keep resing during this time (and protect the Destroyer). So if a boss fight does somehow last 10 minutes you better be ready to fight all of the Legendaries at once.

Armageddon Legendaries will have a maximum of 20 levels. Stat-wise, their attributes won't improve very much over time. But it's their abilities you need to be scared of. It will take a very long time for Armageddon Legendaries to reach high levels, unless of course you feed them.

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