Jass OR loadingscreen.mdx for .blp

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Jass OR loadingscreen.mdx for .blp

Postby lior » Thu Oct 25, 2007 1:34 am

Jass OR loadingscreen.mdx for .blp    -  where can I download them I was told in other forums that here you can help me
Please do

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Re: Jass OR loadingscreen.mdx for .blp

Postby Ricky_Honejasi » Thu Oct 25, 2007 8:06 am

JASS is the language used by WorldEdit for your triggers when they are converted from GUI. It's not exactly something you can download although there are tools to aid in typing JASS code (often to check for your syntax since WorldEdit have limited syntax error information).

As for the loadingscreen.mdx, you can extract the concerning files from a map called Monolith that comes by default with the Frozen Throne expansion. You can just open the map in the editor, go to the import editor and then extract the files from there.

Note that the loadingscreen.mdx is tied with four other files to form the loading screen which one covers the upper-left part, one covers the upper-right, one for bottom-left and one for bottom-right.

As for editing images of any sort (including loadingscreen, icons, skins and the interface), I suggest you grab the Wc3 Image Extractor there : http://www.campaigncreations.org/warcra ... ractor.zip to convert them to tga files which are more editable via more conventional image programs.

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