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Postby andriejj » Thu Jun 28, 2007 12:03 pm

Hmm, if you have no ideas, I can figure out something. But now some things about the heroes in NWG:

They have 5 spells. 3 basic, one ultimate, one super ultimate. Basics and ultimate have 5 levels, super ulti is last level ability.
Super ulti can be a passive. Normal ultimate shouldn't be a passive, though it can if you have a very good idea including the normal ultimate as a passive.

What heroes you should NOT make- a necromancer, fire-connected melee, water mage, somekind of magical archer, vampire, paladin-like one, orc berseker, using Medivh model...

It would be nice if you made a Wind/Sand Mage which would use JetFangInferno's graphics- they  are at . Hive is currently down, it will be on again next week. But this hero would require very complex spells.

Here are SURELY free hero templates- ogre, troll(axe and spearthrowing, troll mages, hero), gnoll, bandit, druid, elven swordsman(he has a nice model  ;D)...

One more things- heroes should be more or less humanoids, so no wolf, archnatid, chimera heroes. They are gladiators, not beasts, beasts are their enemies  ;D .

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