Pure nostalgia reasons

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Pure nostalgia reasons

Postby Marine » Tue Feb 23, 2010 1:53 pm

Ever since WarCraft 2 came out I always wondered if you could mod it enough with certain tools to make your own campaign really. I used WinMPQ tools to edit .tbl files and using only the abilities I had and the stuff I could change in WarCraft 2 I created a WarCraft 2 campaign inside the game not just a pile of maps you play in custom scenario. Only place I know to show my work at I just created it for nostaligia and nothing more really, but I figured alot of people remember how great WarCraft 2 was for gaming and if anyone still has WarCraft 2 BNE on their pc they could try. I am not really expecting much reviews from this because its old and all but if anyone wants to try here: Just replace the War2DAT.mpq file with this one. Under Tides of Darkness instead of Human Campaign it says Elf Campaign. It contains some of the original campaign but shows a story of the Orc horde under mysterious death knight Xazeal sieging the Elf lands.


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