Battle of Borean Tundra - new AoS map

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Battle of Borean Tundra - new AoS map

Postby Whiplash! » Tue Nov 11, 2008 11:00 pm

warning! Lots of info inc:


Hello all I am MantisScreamer/Mantidz/Whiplash. I am currently working on an AoS called Battle of Borean Tundra. I want to create this map is to create a popular AoS map that is balanced, fun, packed with special features and innovative, but still has a somewhat familiar feel to dota.

Core features that separate it from Dota:

-play with "capture points" which give more gold (when your in that lane), creep waves, etc. Capture points are only enabled when the tower on top of it is destroyed.

-each lane has something unique to it.

- middle lane: caravan comes in the middle occasionally and slowly goes to 1 side or the other. 2 heroes make it go faster but no more than 2. If it gets to the base then the players on the team receive a gold and exp bonus.

- top lane: (Amber Ledge) Light house on upper side lane, grants vision and for 50 gold u can "reveal" an area on the map (kinda small radius) that also reveals detection, has a 1 minute cooldown.

- bottom lane: (Njord bay) harbor on bottom side, shipments for slightly faster unit production on your side.


- 2 silver mines in the map, can be captured using a peasant item which buids on it. 2 guards are by the mine and the mine is invulnerable till the 2 guards are dead. Mines will allow you to upgrade army with special abilities. Generally by creep camps. Possibly they are randomly spawned on 1 of the creep locations on each side.

- You can port back to your base from one of the neutral bases if it is captured, for a small fee.

- Creep waves have a small chance (5%) to drop a health or mana droplet (and a very small chance 1%) or drop a green droplet. They regenerate 10% of your total health or mana and work like runes. Dissapear after 10 seconds.


- Rival System: If you kill the same opponent 3 times in a row they become your rival. If you kill your rival you gain a bit more gold on the kill.

- Mid game: Once you reach mid game Air creep waves will occasionally spawn on each side. If you get 3 kills in a row during mid game you can choose to bomb an area on the map as long as you have vision of that area.

- Late game: Docks on both sides become active and ships from both sides will attack each other. if the port for either team is destroyed their ships stop being produced and their unit production is slowed. The ports are not attack able until late game is reached.

-Tome of Lore building that will give you info on various things, located in your base.

Other features:

- Nexus is the super creep area to the top left of the map, opens up after x amount of time or hero levels, has a supercreep.

- Unique sound for game start, capture of amber ledge/njord bay/caravan.

- Unique sound for double kill, triple kill, quadruple kill, team massacre. Ownage, unstoppable, godlike. You Win! Game OVER.

- In between lanes are 2 occasional power ups. 1 will shield you from 1 spell, 1 will reduce damage taken by 50%, 1 increases your dodge by 50%, exp increase, invisibility, stuff like that.


-apem (all pick easy mode)
-ap (all pick)
-dm (death match, certain amount of lives)
-dmem (death match easy mode)
-cp (corpse mode, you must run back to your body to revive)
-cpem (corpse mode easy mode)
-ar (all random)
-arem (all random easy mode)
-test (allows type in level to level up a hero and spells)
more modes are planned of course, but wanna get basic stuff in for now.

Items: I have a comprehensive list of items written down, but because the stats on them will be changed many times over I will refrain from posting them for now.

Hero ideas, mainly spells. Just some basic stuff I thought of, I am working on getting the game play elements done before focusing on the heroes.

Hero Template: Warrior
Charge: Charges a unit dealing damage and increasing the damage done by the Warrior's next ability by %.
Hamstring: Slashes at the hamstrings of a target, reducing their speed by 50% and dealing a small amount of damage. Must be in melee range to use.
Shield Bash: Stuns a unit and prevents them from casting any spells for 3 seconds. Must be in melee range.
Shield Wall: Reduces all damage taken by 50% for 10 seconds.
Endless Rage: Each successive attack will steal an additional 1% life and deal an additional 1% damage. Stacks up to 10 times.

Hero Template: Voodoo
Pain Curse: Increases damage taken by the target by 50% for 10 seconds.
Voodoo Doll: Creates a voodoo doll of an enemy target unit.This doll is placed in your inventory and when used will damage the enemy hero for 100 damage. Item lasts 30 seconds, 1 minute cooldown.
Wyvern Sting: Deals slight poison damage over 5 seconds. After the time is up the target will fall asleep for 3 seconds.
Greater Healing Wave: Heals up to 7 target allied units, healing initially for 500 damage. Each bounce heals for less damage.

Hero Template: Swashbuckler Pirate (Maddox)
Drunken Stupor: Pandaren beer ability
Typhon: Summons a series of mini Typhons to deal damage.
Counterparry: Gives the pirate a chance to parry a melee attack and instantly counterattack it.
Cursed Form: Gives the pirate a temporary skeletal appearance, where he gains spell immunity and increased damage. During the day this damages his health but during the night it gives him a life stealing attack.

Hero Template: Fel-Sworn (Gurtogg Bloodboil)
Fel Rage: If cast on self it causes all enemy units nearby to attack the Fel-Sworn but greatly increases his damage done and increases attack speed. If cast on an allied unit it gives them a random affect of more armor, health, or damage done. Fel Rage increases unit size and movement speed.
Bloodboil: Debuff on a target that does damage over time. Stacks up to 3 times.
Acidic Wound: Reduces armor and does poison damage over time on the target.
Chaos Armor: All damage received is is reduced by 25%

Hero Template: Runemaster
Rune of Fire: Encahnts a unit's damage done by X% of their total damage.
Rune of Ice: Encahnts a unit, increasing their armor, magic resistance, and slows attackers.
Rune of Lightning: Enchants a unit, increasing their attack speed and giving them a chance to attack twice.
Rune Mastery: Reduces the mana cost of runes and gives a chance that when you attack (or get attacked for ice) the rune refreshes it's duration and a second, identical rune of the same type stacks on with the current rune. Max runes stack to 4 times.

Hero Template: Metallica, the Magnetist hero
Int based hero, has 400 attack range. Currently don't know of a current model to use.
Concept: Push/pull hero, has an innate ability called Polarity which changes his set abilities from positive to negative and vise verse.
Polarity: Switches the Magnetist's charge to it's polar opposite. Costs 5 mana and has a 2 second cooldown.
Conductive Current: Positive: Draws a hero to the Magnetist. Negative: Pushes a hero away from the Magnetist. Has a 200/300/400/500/600 range. Deals 50 damage per 100 range the enemy hero is traveled. Costs 150 mana, has a 30 second cooldown. Units are pushed back to a max of 600 range.
Magnetize: Gives a shield to a friendly unit absorbing a spell. Positive charge will heal the unit with the shield and a Negative charge will damage the enemy hero based on the damage done from the spell by 20%/40%/60%/80%/100% of the spell's damage. Costs 50/60/70/80/90 mana and has a 40/35/30/25/20 second cooldown. The shield lasts 30 seconds.
Magnetic Field (passive): Positive: When the Magnetist attacks he has a 2/4/6/8/10% chance to draw the unit he is attacking 200 spaces closer to him. Negative: Units attacking the Magnetist have a 2%/4%/6%/8%/10% chance to be knocked back 200 yards. Units suffer 50 damage per 100 yards they are knocked back.
Electromagnetic Pulse: Positive: Super conducts the area around the Magnetist. Units in a 900/1000/1100/1200 radius from the Magnetist are pulled towards him and suffer 50/50/75/100 damage per 100 radius they are from the Magnetist. Negative: heroes in a 300/400/500/600 radius are pushed back to a 1000 radius distance and suffer 50/50/75/100 damage per 100 radius they are pushed back. Costs 150/200/250/300 mana, has a 120/110/100/90 second cooldown.

Hero Template: Zealot

Vengeance: Enchants the Zealot's blade with a random element. If it is fire it will deal damage on the next melee swing and stun the target (firebolt). If it is ice it will chill the target and damage it as well as nearby units (frost nova). If it is lightning the target will take damage, be purged of a beneficial buff, slowed, and a chain lightning will arc to units nearby (purge + chain lightning).
Fanatisim: Slowly drains the Holy Zealot's health but gives an attack speed/movement speed aura to friendly heroes.
Zeal: Gives a 5/10/15/20/25% chance to attack twice on an attack.
Ult: Persuasion: Each attack has a chance to convert a unit over to the Holy Zealot's control. Lasts X seconds. Stuns heroes for three seconds if proced.

All Hero spells use QWER for all their hotkeys.

Thats some info for the map right there. I am currently looking for some help in the trigger/jass department mainly to assist me. Terrain isn't complete and I can handle that fine but if someone is really great with that stuff and wants to spice it up I won't object to that. I am a dedicated worker, the more feedback/help I get the faster I work. If you managed to read through all of this then gratz!

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Re: Battle of Borean Tundra - new AoS map

Postby Lavarinth » Wed Nov 12, 2008 10:56 am

Impressed, but I don't see the Defiler template anywhere. ;) You know.. The one that kills fellow creeps to grow stronger each life. Haha.
- - Lavarinth
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